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Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] How fast was ... ?
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 17:58:47
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1 Hi,
3 On I found videos of the series "Computer Chronicle"
4 with Richard Cheifet and Gary Kildall (the inventor of CP/M and the
5 founder of Intergalactical Digital Research, later known as Digital
6 Research or short DR).
8 Totally amazed by the things which were "brandnew" those days
9 (1985/1995) and are outclassed by any digital whristwatch nowadays I
10 became curious about a more exact definition of "faster" in this
11 area...
13 Or in other words:
15 Is it really true, that a mobile smartphone of today is as fast as
16 a big iron of 1975?
18 I know, that it is nearly totally false ;) to compare a big iron and
19 a smartphone on base on such few parameters such as clock speed,
20 amount of RAM, size of the screen and other isolated things, but
21 I dont intended to create a scientific work here... ;)
23 This is more for just the fun of it.
25 AND:
26 I would like to compare PRICES!
28 For example (totally fiction and not based on any knowledge...)
30 A PDP-11 costs 25000 $ and was/is as fast as my konqstar mobile phone for 30 EUR.
32 Are there any comparisons like that example with the PDP-11?
33 What was the real performance of those computers of the computer history?
34 How much more of "computing power" one do get today for what less
35 of money?
36 Is it really true, that I can carry the computing power of a
37 datacenter of 1985 in my pocket nowadays?
39 Thank you very much for any nice idea, story or of course comparison
40 in advance!i :)
42 Best regards,
43 mcc


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