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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] OCR for music (OMR)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 15:53:07
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Thanks Daniel,

On Monday, 21 October 2019 15:27:18 BST daniel@×××××.nl wrote:
> I vaguely remember using some windows based program when archiving old > music. The community in question had maps full of paper scores and making > them digital would have made it much more compact and versatile. However > even back then I remember manually writing lilypond files. I did use Linux > at that time but wasn't aware of any OMR tools. > > Eventually I stopped visiting and the project fell out of favor due to the > immense manual labour. Literally hundreds of sheet music ranging from single > page meant for the artists up to the combined score for the conductor.
There have been a relatively large number of OMR projects falling in and out of obscurity, forked, taken over, mixed with closed source and then die. I was looking for an OMR package in portage to scan PDF sheets of music and then split different voice parts out into separate midi files - but if a single application will do the full workflow then I would be more than happy.
> A quick search led me to audiveris. I have no experience but it might do > what you want. It has the option to export to MusicXML. I tried to use > Rosegarden to read a MusicXML which "worked". It did get the notes right, > but alternated with trebble and bass lines, being a somewhat monophonic end > result. > > Hope this helps > > Daniel
I understand there are a few apps by/for Apple, who seem to be the favourite OS for arty users, but I no longer have OSX running here or any applications for it. There are also a number of other applications some of them for Linux - but I haven't found one yet in portage (TBH I wouldn't know its name off- hand). From what I read here Rosegarden will not perform OMR itself, but will import various file formats: -- Regards, Mick


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