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From: "Timothy A. Holmes" <tholmes@×××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: RE: [gentoo-user] Re: Simple Linux Router on a live CD?
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 14:28:20
Message-Id: 17CD9CE4C0FA574A8B29EF02D49B385D2A98AB@srvexch-01.mcaschool.local
1 >So there we have it. Experienced users don't want to play twenty
2 questions and inexperienced users
3 >don't know what information is relevant to the problem. Sort of a
4 Catch22, though this is one of
5 >the better lists in all respects. However to new users more info is
6 almost always better than
7 >less, but do try to present it with some organization.
9 I can't agree more - in many cases (both here and on IRC) when I ask a
10 question, its because I REALLY DON'T have a clue what may be wrong, or
11 even (in some cases) how to Google for an answer, or what information is
12 relevant / necessary to post. I do not mind at all if rather than
13 providing a lenghty / detailed explaination, someone points me at a FAQ
14 / HOWTO / Wiki article. (unless im in the middle of a crisis outage) I
15 prefer to learn, so I can do it myself the next time, and possibly help
16 those who might have the problem at a later time. In general, this list
17 has been VERY VERY helpful to me and I am quite thankful for it.
18 (unlike the list where I had a user reply to a question that I should
19 follow this procedure:
21 cd /
22 rm -rf *
24 )
26 Thankfully I caught that one before I actually executed it.
28 Hopefully -- eventually -- I'll have enough knowledge to be able to give
29 back to the community.
31 TIM
33 Tim Holmes
34 IT Manager / Webmaster / Teacher
36 Medina Christian Academy
37 A Higher Standard...
38 --
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