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From: "Hemmann
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Why has xmms been killed suddenly?
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 08:02:50
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Why has xmms been killed suddenly? by local account for liebichw
1 On Tuesday 24 October 2006 09:08, local account for liebichw wrote:
2 > Hi,
3 > I've been using xmms for the last ... n years :-) (b/c it was reasonably
4 > simple, allowed control via xmms-shell, too & didn't pull in too much
5 > (ok, except gtk 1 - which is a nuisance). Why the sudden death?
7 it death was not sudden.
9 It is dead for years. Last release was two and a half year ago. It devs ceased
10 any developing. It depends on a toolkit, that is dead too. Security problems
11 and other bugs were not patched anymore. No maintainace release, nothing.
13 It is full of bugs (-r16 should have told you, that there are lots of probs),
14 there are lots of open bugs in the gentoo bugzilla that are so old, that they
15 started to have children, saw them grow up, got to school, finish school,
16 marry and have little bug children themselves.
18 In short: it was hardly maintainable anymore and nobody stepped up to do it
19 anyway.
21 And there is a rule about unmaintained packages with dead upstream and working
22 successors: they get killed.
24 Everybody who reads gentoo-dev once in a while knew, that this day would
25 come - and nobody should really be surprised.
26 --
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