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Subject: [gentoo-user] Collecting bootchart files after boot
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 00:55:43
1 I have been collecting bootchart info for each boot, curiousity and no
2 more. It is interesting sometimes to look at them and see if minor
3 tweaks can change things, but I have no serious use for the data.
4 Thus it took me a while to realize that the .png and .tgz files are
5 not generated until rc has finished the boot, which is after
6 local.start has run. I have code in local.start to save the current
7 bootchart.* files in a time-stamped dir for each boot, and they are
8 all off by one. It is more amusing than alarming.
10 I understand why this happens. Is there any way to automatically run
11 a script like local.start but after rc finishes? I had thought of
12 putting something in local.stop to copy the current bootchart.* files,
13 but that smells a bit too kludgery.
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