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From: jdangler@××××××××.net
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Subject: [gentoo-user] new gentoo user - D420
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 06:04:45
Message-Id: 01a001c78bb5$9bea8d50$1166e547@nebo
1 Hi, all...
2 I have a Dell Latitude D420.
3 I used the minimal CD to install gentoo on this machine, and to date, have
4 The OS running, along with X server emerged.
5 The video (according to lspci) says it is Intel 945GM.
6 I have found some articles detailing how this doesn't work with gentoo, but
7 would like to know if anyone has some insight on getting it to work.
8 I found an article which said that using the I810 driver worked (to an
9 extent), but I also found others which said that it doesn't.
10 I'd really like to get an X workstation (with gnome or kde at this point)
11 Working - at least minimally - on it. I can get X to start with twm using
12 vga, but the terminal text is unreadable (looks like garbage both for prompt
13 and for text typed). Can anyone give me some direction? Thank you for the
14 reply. I appreciate the help.
16 --
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