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From: Francisco Ares <frares@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] emerge -e errors right after install
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 13:22:53
1 Hello, all.
3 Gentoo is absolutely great.
5 This is mainly to make clear I am pretty satisfied on how things are made
6 to let us have a Linux distro that does not use binary packages, everything
7 being built almost from the ground up.
9 But (here comes the "but"), right on the point I was able to build the
10 kernel (I'm using the live CD from 08/01/2013 for x86_64 machine, and a
11 stage 3 tarballl from the same date for the same machine), I tried an
12 "emerge -e world", and there were so many errors that very few packages
13 were able to be completely built.
15 Mainly the errors are at the end of the "config" stage, and they are like:
17 ...
18 config.status: creating Makefile
19 ./config.status: line 1091: 26891 Done(141) eval sed
20 \"\$ac_sed_extra\" "$ac_file_inputs"
21 26892 Illegal instruction | $AWK -f "$ac_tmp/subs.awk" >
22 $ac_tmp/out
23 config.status: error: could not create Makefile
24 ...
27 or
30 ...
31 configure: creating ./config.status
32 config.status: creating install-info/tests/defs
33 ./config.status: line 1218: 31166 Done(141) eval sed
34 \"\$ac_sed_extra\" "$ac_file_inputs"
35 31167 Illegal instruction | $AWK -f "$tmp/subs.awk" > $tmp/out
36 config.status: error: could not create install-info/tests/defs
37 ...
39 or, like "xz-utils", that complained that it was unable to create a
40 Doxyfile, even having a
42 I have built binary packages for "sed" and "gawk", created in a machine
43 with the same characteristics and configuration, and emerged those to the
44 new machine. Even so, the errors keep coming.
46 Am I too anxious? I did not see anything further in the documentation that
47 could help this situation, so even not having finished all the installation
48 procedure, I think it should be possible, at this moment, right before
49 building a kernel (but after a few pages, right before section "9.
50 Installing Necessary System Tools").
52 In fact, it seems like there is one (or some) package(s) missing.
54 Thanks
55 Francisco


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