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From: Facundo Curti <facu.curti@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] RAID 1 on /boot
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 05:27:19
1 Hi all. I'm new in the list, this is my third message :)
2 First at all, I need to say sorry if my english is not perfect. I speak
3 spanish. I post here because gentoo-user-es it's middle dead, and it's a
4 great chance to practice my english :) Now, the problem.
6 I'm going to get a new PC with a disc SSD 120GB and another HDD of 1TB. But
7 in a coming future, I want to add 2 or more disks SSD.
9 Mi idea now, is:
11 Disk HHD: /dev/sda
12 /dev/sda1 26GB
13 /dev/sda2 90GB
14 /dev/sda3 904GB
16 Disk SSD: /dev/sdb
17 /dev/sdb1 26GB
18 /dev/sdb2 90GB
19 /dev/sdb3 4GB
21 And use /dev/sdb3 as swap. (I will add more with another SSD in future)
22 /dev/sda3 mounted in /home/user/data (to save data unused)
24 And a RAID 1 with:
25 md0: sda1+sdb1 /
26 md1: sda2+sdb2 /home
28 (sda1 and sda2 will be made with the flag: write-mostly. This is useful for
29 disks slower).
30 In a future, I'm going to add more SSD's on this RAID. My idea is the
31 fastest I/O.
33 Now. My problem/question is:
34 Following the gentoo's
35 doc<>,
36 it says I need to put the flag --metadata=0.9 on the RAID. My question is
37 ¿This will make get off the performance?.
39 I only found this
40 document<>.
41 This says the difference, but nothing about performance and
42 advantages/disadvantages.
44 Another question is, ¿GRUB2 still unsupporting metadata 1.2?
46 In case that metadata get off performance, and GRUB2 doesn't support this.
47 ¿Anyone knows how can I fix this to use metadata 1.2?
49 I don't partitioned more, because I saw this unnecessary. I just need to
50 separate /home in case I need to format the system. But if I need to
51 separate /boot to make it work, I don't have problems doing that.
53 But of course, /boot also as RAID...
55 ¿Somebody have any ideas to make it work?
57 Thank you all. Bytes! ;)


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