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From: Harm Geerts <harmgeerts@××××.nl>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: Mini Gentoo in VMWare
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 14:20:33
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Mini Gentoo in VMWare by Trenton Adams
1 On Friday 03 November 2006 06:43, Trenton Adams wrote:
2 > Hi Guys,
3 >
4 > Has anyone here played with minimalizing everything for use in vmware?
5 >
6 > Basically what I want to do is create a series of VERY tiny VMs that
7 > are all independent of each other, which provide one service. For
8 > instance, I might put apache on one VM, and tomcat on another, and so
9 > on. Obviously, I would want their memory usage to be absolutely
10 > minimized, seeing that I would like to run them all on one computer.
11 > I would probably provide them 64M-128M of RAM each, for their specific
12 > service. Perhaps a little more if really required.
13 >
14 > Is there really anything that I should worry about? Perhaps I should
15 > just DO IT?
17 Nick[1] made a post about minimizing Gentoo a while back.
18 But that topic was mainly about the disk usage.
19 I suppose you would benefit from a system that uses the -Os flag to create
20 small binairies.
22 But do you think vmware is fit for such a task?
23 vmware is a big strain on resources itself.
24 You might want to have a look at xen[2] instead.
26 [1]
27 [2]
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