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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] About to have fiber internet and need VPN info
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2022 06:07:41
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] About to have fiber internet and need VPN info by Michael
1 Michael wrote:
2 > On Friday, 5 August 2022 21:45:25 BST Dale wrote:
3 >> Michael wrote:
4 >>> What kind of protection are you seeking - what is your threat model?
5 >> I'm mostly wanting it so people can't just look and see what I'm doing
6 >> or where I am, mostly my ISP.
7 > In this case 'people' and your ISP will see you are connecting to the remote
8 > VPN, but not what website you visit thereon.
9 >
10 > The website you visit will not see your real IP, but the exit IP of the VPN
11 > node. This may break some websites and streaming services who only allow
12 > connections from specific jurisdictions.
13 >
15 That may be the case but if it is a problem I run into, I can adjust
16 settings if needed.  
19 >> I do a little torrenting and such too.
20 >> ;-) That said, even if I go to my bank's website which is https, it
21 >> will also go through a VPN which also encrypts the traffic. My bank is
22 >> secure as far as I know but having more protection added can't be a bad
23 >> thing.
24 > All connections to banks are encrypted end-to-end for decades now and the
25 > encryption has becoming stronger over the years.
27 That is likely true.  I still remember Snowden tho.  We don't know what
28 backdoors are in use even for bank encryption.  Thing is, open source
29 tools are harder to fall into that trap since everyone can see what the
30 code is.  If a backdoor is forced in, it will be known to a lot of
31 people and then that tool won't be used.  It's sort of funny in a way,
32 they more Govts and others try to restrict things, the more tools there
33 is to get around it.  From what I've read, most VPNs use open source
34 tools.  Most even use the current best and would upgrade if needed. 
35 That gives me some extra protection in the event my bank or any other
36 website falls behind on updating theirs. 
38 Basically, I don't trust Govt with much of anything.  If they say they
39 don't do something bad, you can pretty much bet they are doing exactly
40 that or even worse. 
43 >
44 >> I'm torn between torguard and surfshark. I'm not sure where torguard is
45 >> located but surfshark is in the Netherlands I think. Outside US
46 >> jurisdiction and from what I've read, they never give info to anyone
47 >> about their customers traffic.
48 > Yeah, that's what they all say - their business model depends on it. State
49 > sponsored actors are likely to know what the need to know anyway, with or
50 > without the explicit VPN providers collaboration. ;-)
51 >
53 May be the case but I plan to try anyway.  At least it won't be easy for
54 them. 
56 >> I'm still researching torguard. Maybe
57 >> someone here knows where they are located???
58 > I understand they are a US based provider in Florida:
59 >
60 > Vpnetworks, LLC
61 > 618 E South St
62 > Orlando, FL 32801
63 >
64 > but they have VPN servers all over the globe. Some are virtual servers and
65 > are NOT physically located in the countries they claim. The fact it is
66 > located in the USA it means the authorities can request client list
67 > information. VPN providers in jurisdictions like BVI, Panama, or even
68 > Switzerland might stand a better chance.
69 >
70 > Anyway, this is a moot point. If a VPN provider protects your traffic from
71 > 'people', who protects your traffic from the ... VPN people?! LOL!
72 >
73 > I don't use VPNs, but the interwebs are buzzing with reviews and suggestions.
74 > If torrenting is a requirement, then associated forums and mailing lists would
75 > provide advice on what works best for your use case.
77 Well, that settles that then.  I guess it will be Surfshark.  Pretty
78 sure it is in the Netherlands but may be wrong on country.  I just
79 recall it being outside US jurisdiction.  I also read they have been
80 audited by independent people to ensure they have no logs even if asked. 
82 Thanks for all the info.  Yours to Tastytea. 
84 Dale
86 :-)  :-) 
88 P. S.  Anyone need some used AT&T DSL modems?  I got a few. Some have
89 been updated with heat sinks on the chips which makes them run cooler. 
90 I got several Westel black ones and a couple smaller gray Motorola
91 ones.  I also have one that is a AT&T marked one.  They need a home. 
92 ;-)  May start a new thread if no one replies here.  Kinda buried in
93 this thread.


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