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From: Alex Schuster <wonko@×××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Hoping someone can help explain distcc to me
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 10:40:22
Message-Id: 2116906.VYAsTq4gL1@weird
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Hoping someone can help explain distcc to me by victor romanchuk
1 victor romanchuk writes:
3 > > Both machines contain "distcc" in FEATURES. It's not using
4 > > -march=native. I've tried various -jN values with no real difference
5 > > in performance.
7 -jN in make.conf's MAPEOPTS variable I assume, not as argument to emerge,
8 which does something different. It also hides the normal compile messages,
9 in case of problems you should see something like 'failed to distribute to
10 <host>'.
11 And syslog on the desktop should list every distributed job.
13 Distcc helps a lot here when I use Gentoo on slow systems. Although they are
14 still slow, because of time spent for configuring, or linking.
16 And maybe you are also using ccache, and your tests were recompiles of stuff
17 already cached, so the slow machine is fast at this?
20 > i had noticed that distcc is peevish about CFLAGS: these should be
21 > compatible on both client and server. in my case i made these similar on
22 > both machines (laptop is core2duo and desktop is core2quad; both are
23 > running amd64 arch)
25 I don't think this is true - as long as the CHOST is identical, there should
26 be no problem.
28 > yet another way to install packages on weak notebook running it on the
29 > same arch as desktop runs, - is to create binaries at powerful machine
30 > (while emerging or with quickpkg utility) and share $PKGDIR with laptop
32 This means some extra work, and also use flags need to be compatible, but
33 the speedup would be much bigger than with just distcc.
35 What about exporting the whole root file system and mounting it on the fast
36 desktop, chrooting and emerging?
38 And then there's Sabayon, based on Gentoo, but with binary packages. And
39 when you want to customize things (use different use flags), you can still
40 compile stuff manually. I will try this for a slow desktop PC now, all this
41 compiling is so annoying.
43 Wonko


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