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From: "Alan E. Davis" <lngndvs@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Advice about setting up split home directory
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2008 12:00:41
1 Thanks to advice on this list I have a reasonably stable system now, and
2 it's time to get hands dirty. I have more GB of collected files than I can
3 fit into my ~/ home directory, so I am planning to link several partitions
4 to ~/ in an effort to organize this mass.
6 1. How could one reasonably link a subdir of a partition as a subdir or
7 folder of one's ~/, for example, /dev/sdd3/VIDEO (partition on that
8 partition called VIDEO) as a subdirectory, ~/VIDEO? I want ~/VIDEO to
9 behave identically as it would if it were on the same partition as ~/ . At
10 least to the greatest extent possible. I have seen some arcane arrangement
11 somewhere, but to what extent is that necessary to do? I would rather avoid
12 having to mount the entire parition as a subdir, and then have to access,
13 for example, ~/ARCHIVE/VIDEO.
15 2. As an aside, Nautllus (~/amd64 Gnome overlay, version behavior
16 differs from that in Ubuntu. I have resisted the use of a GUI file manager
17 for a long time, except for a few tasks, and especially I have avoided
18 nautilus as a tool for moving files around the system. The availability of
19 bookmarks in the sidepane is highly useful, however, and I've gotten used
20 to it. Can I remove the display of ~/media/* from the sidepanel? This has
21 enabled me to organize my system much more effectively. Thunar is more to
22 my taste in this way, but nautilus has other useful features, including it
23 is integrated with gnome.
25 Thank you for any advice. Also thanks to the list for past helpful advice.
28 Alan
30 --
31 Alan Davis
33 "It's never a matter of liking or disliking ..."
34 ---Santa Ynez Chumash Medicine Man


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