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Subject: [gentoo-user] need help with x86_64 on MacBook Pro
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:31:47
1 Hi, new Gentoo user here (but not new to the wonderful world of unix).
3 A few weeks ago I installed Gentoo into Parallels under OSX on my
4 MacBook Pro (rev 2, Core2Duo) to start familiarizing myself with the
5 system. I liked it well enough that I decided to get in a little
6 deeper and experiment with the x86_64 release. My MBPro is capable of
7 running it so I repartitioned my drive and was off to the races.
9 I've been following the great instructions on the wiki posted here
10 [1] using the minimal install CD with the 2006.1 profile. However,
11 the instructions there primarily focus on the 32-bit release. I
12 coupled those instructions with the Gentoo Handbook for x86_64 to
13 cover the areas that the wiki (rightly) left out [2]. The goal was to
14 install a pure 64-bit non-multilib system to use as a base for a Xen
15 Dom0 (I switched to the non-multilib profile in my chroot).
17 The MacBook installation instructions contained pointers to some
18 internal [3] and external [4] sources which were helpful. These other
19 pages mostly focus on doing a 32-bit install so I've been searching
20 high and low for a kernel.config for a 64-bit build known to work on
21 a MacBook Pro. I tried creating one myself but it doesn't boot. Grub
22 (0.97 installed via "emerge grub-static" per the handbook) displays
23 my customized 2.6.20 + mactel patched kernel but the boot attempt
24 results in a black screen and no hard drive activity. I'm at a bit of
25 a loss to troubleshoot this.
27 Anyone have a working kernel.config for x86_64 that they can point me
28 to? I'd be happy to update the wiki to include more specific
29 instructions related to x86_64 once I get a working system.
31 Thanks for your help.
33 cr
35 [1]
36 [2]
37 [3]
38 [4]
39 --
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