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From: "W.Kenworthy" <billk@×××××××××.au>
To: Gentoo User <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] flash changes
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 04:05:27
Message-Id: 1277091602.30137.15.camel@bunyip.localdomain
1 With the objectionable licence change to adobe flash, what alternatives
2 do we have when firefox wants to install on visiting a website?
4 There is libflash but I cant find what versions of flash it supports.
5 Also, ubuntu lists libflash-0.4.13 while gentoo ~x86 is showing only
6 libflash-0.4.10-r1 which makes it seem out of date.
8 So is there anything better for flash when using firefox to browse the
9 web?
11 BillK


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