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From: "Prado
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: RE: [gentoo-user] root password on 2008.1-i686 minimal install
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 16:58:33
1 Switch to another VTTY (Ctrl+Atl+F1 for instance), 'passwd', specify the
2 desired password, switch to Xorg again (Ctrl+Alt+F7 if I am not wrong), 'su'
3 and that's it.
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9 Subject: [gentoo-user] root password on 2008.1-i686 minimal install
11 I'm unable to log in as root on the installer OS for 2008.1_beta iso.
13 I see nothing telling me what the root password is but the installer
14 prompts me for a username and password. When logging in as root
15 fails I'm eventually logged in as user `gentoo' but can do none of the
16 things necessary to create an install.
18 This seem pretty ridiculous so I'm pretty sure I'm missing some note
19 or something.
21 Starting the install with or without framebuffer appears to make no
22 difference in the end result.
24 I get a sorry little xfce desktop with no way to get to a root
25 terminal.
27 How can I ditch the sorry little desktop and use text mode and get
28 logged in with the necessary root premissions?
30 There is a `help' option on the boot screen but when I select it I get
31 a very fast scroll thru a massive file then jumps back to login
32 screen. Absolutely useless for any help.
34 This install is inside a vmware as guest so maybe some of this works
35 better in a normal install... I hope so.
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