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Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: Safeguarding strategies against SSD data loss
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 15:15:54
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Safeguarding strategies against SSD data loss by Rich Freeman
1 Rich Freeman <rich0 <at>> writes:
4 > > On 27/10/2014 11:24, Mick wrote:
6 > >>> With a caveat: if an ssd dies, it will die suddenly. Without warning.
8 With SSD the most important fact to keep constantly in mind is
9 writing/erasing by blocks due to uniqueness of the hardware.
10 Unfortunately, if you dig deeply, many Solid State Storage devices
11 are organized differently and those hardware differences may impact
12 your SSD_specific implementation details. SSD raid redundancy is
13 something most machines (folks) cannot afford, imho and may be a waist
14 to dis_functional if you employ the same semantics for I/O on the
15 redundant SSD hardware.
17 [1]
21 > >> In such cases I am prepared to live with the risk of some
22 > >> data loss, on machines where raid is not an option.
24 Wise with a well thought out (planned) recovery/fresh-install strategy.
26 > > Without some form of redundancy that would be your best strategy -
27 > > decent and frequent backups
30 > But yes, backup and RAID are really your only options for SSD failure
31 > as far as I can see it. That and limiting the amount of data that
32 > can't be re-generated. If you just save the world file and all of
33 > /etc you could probably rebuild a Gentoo install fairly quickly on a
34 > new drive, and then you're just left with /home and whatever else you
35 > happen to have installed that sticks stuff in /var that you care
36 > about.
38 Yep. Rich has it exactly right. I'd add /usr/local/*
39 as by design that is where I put most uniqueness in any linux system
40 besides the list above.
42 In fact for small networks, I just identify the directories that I want
43 to preserve. At the least you rsysnc those to a differnet system
44 on the local net, besides a backup, if no raid is underneath. (Triple).
45 Obviously, you have all systems on UPS power......?
47 I'd add any dirs with custom scripts and the kernel files also minimally
48 replicated to another system. A comprehensive list of critical files
49 is fine. Workstations and servers have different lists of critial files;
50 and you can further subdivide the servers by function, to focus
51 on those critical files and directories. So what is on the SSD that is
52 important, just replicate it to a spinning HD on the local net. None
53 of this replaces weekly backups, but give you a tertiary level of
54 recovery redundancy for the important stuff. Triple redundancy is keenly
55 important for all critical stuff; ymmv.
57 Personally, I find max-ram and spinning HD to be the best bang for the
58 buck. But, many folks with older portables are usually really happy with
59 SSD as a replacement (single) drive that is cost effective but needs
60 a network backup.
62 [2]
66 hth,
67 James


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