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From: Jorge Almeida <jalmeida@××××××××××××.pt>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] browser advice
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 20:11:35
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] browser advice by "b.n."
1 On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, b.n. wrote:
3 >
4 > Please don't get me wrong -no personal attack intended, really- but changing
5 > browser too shouldn't be necessary. You continue to complain about this
7 No, I don't. Maybe you don't have the whole thread present to memory.
8 I mentioned the reason why I want to dump FF. Once. And I asked for the
9 list members to share their experiences/impressions/opinions about
10 _other_ browsers. I didn't ask for sympathy nor for help with my FF
11 troubles. If some people chose to give suggestions about it, I
12 appreciate it and reply to them, but my intentions about FF are not
13 bound to change. (They might if an _explanation_ arose, as opposite to
14 a workaround which may work today but maybe not tomorrow.)
16 >
17 > Do as you like it, but it seems to me quite an odd reaction. Next time you'll
18 > meet a bug in Linux or Gentoo that would just require editing a text file,
19 > you'll change OS?
20 No. There are not many OSs left. I like Linux, but I would prefer a more
21 let's-understand-it and less let's-push-buttons attitude from the
22 general community. Still, the world is what it is and it's not up to me
23 to judge...
24 And I don't mind at all editing config files, I find it much better than
25 clicking boxes in some half-baked "wizard". It's just that I appreciate
26 knowing what I'm doing, I'm not a fan of the "JustWorks(TM)".
27 > :)
28 >
29 > The really appropriate reaction, in the meantime, is filing a bug (because in
30 > this you're perfectly right -it's a bug, or at least an annoyance) at the
31 > firefox bugzilla, I guess. You're right to complain, that's for sure.
32 Since my experience seems to be unique, it's hard to give data about how
33 to reproduce the problem.
34 >
35 >
36 >> and both Opera and Konqueror seem nice
37 >> enough.
38 >
39 > They are good software indeed, just like FF. But what will you do when you'll
40 > met the next bug with them?
41 >
42 I will do what I usually do when I find bugs in other software: search the
43 gentoo forums, search Google (in English, I hope), ask for help in
44 mailing lists,...
45 I won't read the source because that's beyond my skills. As a user who
46 is not a CS professional, I have to rely on whatever documentation is
47 accessible to me. Sometimes I have to dump the software (for example, I
48 had to switch from bincimap to dovecot, even if bincimap seemed more to
49 my liking).
50 In the case of FF, I got tired and chose a different approach, that's all.
51 >
52 Regards,
54 Jorge Almeida
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