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From: Harry Putnam <reader@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] When mounting windows (ntfs) shares
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 23:48:27
1 For a long time I've just put up with the inconvenience or of users
2 not being able to write to mounted filesystems on windows hosts.
4 But sometimes is a real pain.
6 I've never known for certain if linux users (non-root) can actually
7 write to windows shares.
9 I use what is probably an oldish setup in fstab like this:
11 //harvey/ImagesMusic /mnt/ImagesMusic cifs noauto,username=harry,credentials=/\
12 etc/samba/CifsCredentials
14 Where the UNC above is on windows XP, and mounted as shows above.
16 The credential in /etc/samba/CifsCredentials look like:
18 user=reader
19 user=harry
20 user=root
21 password=xxxxxxxx
23 ------- --------- ---=--- --------- --------
24 What can I do so that when that share is mounted a user on the linux
25 machine can write to it painlessly?
27 Of course I can use sudo... but not always... here is an example of
28 where it might be a pain.
30 I get mail with pictures I want to save to the data base in the above
31 ftab entry. I'd like to just strip it direct from the mail to that
32 share but the mail is in a users account not root.
34 Since my mail client is emacs-gnus... I can press a key combo that
35 writes the file to whatever address, and could possible do this and
36 even assume a root priviledges since emacs-gnus is seriously capable
37 of all kinds of trick stuff.
39 But it would just be easier to press the two key command to strip and
40 save and give an address like /mnt/Imagesmusic/somedir
41 And have that write just work without further guff. But since users
42 don't get to write there... it fails.
44 So back to what kind of cifs syntax will mount this share allowing
45 users to write there?


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