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From: CJoeB <colleen.beamer@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Gentoo, new computer, still a bit confused
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 01:53:57
1 Hi everyone,
3 First, thanks for all the input regarding CFLAGS.
5 Can I be honest here? My technical skills don't seem to be anywhere
6 near on a par with most of the people on this list. I've been using
7 Gentoo since 2004 and the reason I do, is for the control that I have
8 over my system.
10 Because this will be a new computer and I may essentially void the
11 warranty if I alter the pre-configuration, I seriously thought about
12 leaving the status quo and putting up with Windows 7. However, I would
13 lose practically as much as losing my first born! I would have to put
14 up with all the things that bug me about Windows and I wouldn't have all
15 the programs that I love in Linux.
17 If I am a "chicken shit" and still want Linux, I could install another
18 distro, like Kubuntu, where you can be almost brain dead and still get a
19 running Linux system, but then I would sacrifice the control that I know
20 and love about Gentoo. I'm not willing to do that either .... at least
21 not without a fight.
23 I've always managed to get my Gentoo system running and maintained, but
24 I've always used an x86 iso and stage 3. I've googled and didn't really
25 find a definitive answer to my question so, I am bowing to the experts
26 on this list and asking you guys to bear with me and help me out.
28 What would you recommend that I used for the iso an stage 3? As a
29 reminder my computer is a Dell XPS 8300 with an Intel Core -i7-2600
30 processor. I'm a little confused between the choices x86 (which seems
31 to only apply to Pentium 4 systems and only utilizes 32-bit processing),
32 amd64 and ia64.
34 Thanks in advance for your help.
36 Regards,
38 Colleen
40 --
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