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From: "Mateusz Mierzwiński" <mateuszmierzwinski@×××××.com>
To: "gentoo-user@l.g.o" <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE? Get me out of here!
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 15:48:17
1 First of all - try to configure X-es by hald. If this don't work on
2 Your arch, try revert to xorg.conf. I have Intel GMA965 card and it
3 work's ideal. 
5 If You say about web clients, that You hate them - it's yours right.
6 I like it, because of 396 firm contacts on my contact book connected
7 to them files, tasks and events in calendar, notes, divided between
8 couple groups. I like it because of linking things together and it's
9 safer when You travel with Your laptop (server is mine so I decide
10 when upgrade and configure app). I've integrated it remote with
11 blackberry ;) so it's nice tool together. 
13 Chromium is very stable now. Half year ago there was a difference
14 with exploding cards and flash. Now it works great.
16 As You say about FTP's and Delphin - set Your default file manager to
17 Konqueror. I don't like delphin. In me is stagnation after KDE 3.x -
18 if it work's so why provide something different again from scratch?
20 That's all for now what I can say. If I find more time, I read Your
21 whole mail and post some info about things I know.
23 Greet's 
25 At Wtorek, 29-06-2010 on 16:23 Alex Schuster wrote:
27 Mateusz Mierzwiński writes:
29 > I have KDE4. It work's perfect.
31 Whooo, now at least this sounds good!
33 > Try set "Custom-cxxflags" to off,
34 > maybe this will help. From my opinion KDE and QT 4 don't like
35 > customized C/CXX Flags, such as fomit-frame-pointer and similar.
37 I have:
38 CFLAGS="-march=k8-sse3 -mfpmath=sse -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"
40 AFAIK -fomit-frame-pointer should be perfectly safe, at the only cost
41 of
42 making debugging harder. I already thought about removing it anyway,
43 so my
44 bug reports will make more sense. BTW, does anyone know _how_ _much_
45 this
46 flag is suposed to seed things up, is it even noticeable?
48 And then I just loked at the Safe CFLAGS page [*], and it says:
49   The flag -fomit-frame-pointer is enabled at -O1, -O2, -O3 and -Os
50 on
51   arches where it doesn't interfere with debugging, such as AMD64,
52 but not
53   x86. So if you're on x86 you should add it to your CFLAGS.
55 About -mfpmath=sse: I think I enabled it after a discussion about
56 what -
57 march=native would do. Now the gcc documentation [2] says:
58   For the i386 compiler, you need to use -march=cpu-type, -msse or
59 -msse2
60   switches to enable SSE extensions and make this option effective.
61 For
62   the x86-64 compiler, these extensions are enabled by default.
64 So I will turn off both -mfpmath=sse and -fomit-frame-pointer, but it
66 would change nothing.
68 > Try to set correct USE flags
70 They should be okay I think...
72 > and first of all - add DBUS to default runlevel if Your "Welcome"
73 screen
74 > don't work - it works for me.
76 I once had this problem, but now DBUS is in the default runlevel.
78 > You should also have Hald for configuration.
80 Do you mean I should configure X via the /etc/hal/fdi/policy/ that
81 will be
82 obsolete soon? I have the hal USE flag set, but X is configured by
83 xorg.conf only.
85 > BTW. I don't use any desktop mail client - I've chosen GroupOffice
86 > for web client with IMAP support and great tool for my work - safer
87 > because of laptop disk crashes or similar - data is stored external
88 > and it's delivered by OpenVPN with certificate nad data encryption.
91 Uh, I just hate web clients. That's what I have a desktop environment
92 for,
93 with consistent looking applications, shortcuts, drag&drop and what
94 else.
95 I am using kmail with IMAP over SSL.
97 > Chromium as major web browser,
99 I tried chromium once, about half a year ago, but it crashed
100 instantly.
101 Emerging it again. But I like Konqueror very much. It has problems
102 with
103 some web sites, for those I use Firefox. I am missing some of
104 Firefox'
105 plugins, and it works much better with the new flash, but over all I
106 like
107 Konqueror's behaviour better. Maybe I could change Firefox behaviour
108 in
109 the advanced settings, I did not look into this yet. And from time to
110 time
111 Friefox also gives me trouble, and I have to remove my profile
112 directory
113 to make it start again.
115 Chromium is built, and seems to work. Oh, it's fast. And uses few
116 memory.
117 And even has web shortcuts, that's great. And flash just works, while
119 konquerro has major problems with it.
121 > Subversion integrated with KDE, Wicd
122 > as network configuration daemon. Also Kadu as IM, wine + winamp,
123 > OpenOffice. Not installed Compiz for now, but I have it on my
124 plans.
126 Here: CVS via command line, static network configuration, kopete,
127 Amarok
128 (which I find beautiful), occasionally OpenOffice.
130 > Login screen works great, loading is realy fast. Only one problem
131 > with Bluetooth but i think it's device fault - device USB connector
132 > broken. Everyday working with dual-head 2 monitors - KDE 4 detects
133 > when I connect another monitor, soundcard and Xine integration into
134 > phonon works with no glitches. Other tools like SSH/SFTP integrated
135 > into konqueror works great - konqueror itself also perfect!
137 Ah, so you DO like konqueror! Great.
139 > It's good, it's fast, it's intuitive, it's "better desktop
140 software",
141 > it's XXI century desktop environment, not such as Gnome and funny
142 > "icons trashroom" on desktop.
144 I mostly agree. If only there weren't all those little bugs. It still
146 looks quite unfinished to me.
147 Ican somehow live with these bugs, but I am not sure if I should
148 recommend
149 KDE4 for others. At my institute we are also using KDE4 now, which
150 makes
151 some things convenient. But it is bad to have nice dolphin shortcuts
152 to
153 FTP locations, and dolphin cannot read remote files when they contain
155 umlauts. And you you need to have another way of getting them. For
156 the
157 users, it might be easier to learn this second, reliable method only,
159 instead of also learning to use the more convenient one which
160 sometimes
161 does not work.
163 > Why KDE? Because i like it. Don't say that this software SUCKS,
164 > _check_Your_config_. If You have problem try to remove .kde or
165 .kde4
166 > folder in Your home directory and recreate profile.
168 I just did this some days ago and re-created most things from
169 scratch,
170 except for kmail. That was a lot of work BTW, I spent a couple of
171 hours
172 doing that. Some things are fixed indeed, but most problems persist.
173 BTW, I had made some screenshots of my desktops after this, when most
175 things were set up again as I like them.
178 And I recently switched from ~x86 to ~amd64, without a change in
179 KDE4's
180 behaviour.
182 Here's a list of my current KDE bugs. There are many, fortunately
183 most of
184 them are really minor issues.
188 Plasma:
190 - The add plasmoids menu that opens above the panel is hard to access
191 as
192 it closes most often when I move the mouse into it.
194 - Moving a plasmoid from the panel onto the desktop is probably
195 supposed
196 to work (why else would the drag operation start at all?), but it
197 makes
198 plasma crash. Fortunately, it restarts automatically and things are
199 as
200 before, except for a minimized 'JavaEmbeddedFrame' application which
201 I
202 cannot restore or close. Whatever.
204 - The comic plasmoid refuses to show an increasing number of comics,
205 and
206 currently after login does not show any at all. And does not keep the
207 size
208 I give it.
210 - Moving and resizing plasmoids does not always work, they just plop
211 back
212 into their last position and size. After some tries, it finally
213 works, but
214 at the next login they are back to where they were sometimes.
216 Kontact:
218 - Sometimes complains at system startup that it is already running.
220 - Sometimes segfaults when closing, and does not start again until I
221 kill
222 it process manually.
224 - When adding a new contact, I sometimes cannot select an address
225 book to
226 store as the dialog shows none. Restarting kontact helps, but I have
227 to
228 fill out everything again.
230 - Probably related: all contacts sometimes all have the same
231 information
232 in them.
234 - Akonadi sometimes complains about missing resource agents when
235 logging
236 into KDE.
238 Kopete:
240 - Shows me as online, but is not. Probably related to hibernating,
241 going
242 offline and online again fixes this.
244 - Pressing the back / Forward button repeatedly and fast gives a
245 message
246 that I just received a message from that contact, and asks whether
247 the
248 chat sould really be cleared. Okay, I just pause a little (1/2
249 second)
250 between each press, so it's no problem. But these things look to me
251 as the
252 authors of kopete did not try such things theirselves, or else they
253 would
254 have fixed them.
256 Kmail:
258 - Allows for multiple tabs, but then in these tabs new messages are
259 not
260 shown (only in the folder list). So, they added a nice feature, but
261 to
262 actually see new mails I have to close the tabs and select the folder
264 again.
266 - I can not open a new tab when mails for an account are fetched.
268 - Attachements are sometimes saved with a size of 0. Bad if you do
269 not
270 check and realize this much later. has not happened for a while, it#s
272 probably fixed, but I still check just in case.
274 - The 'g' key sometimes does nothing.
276 - Sometimes the mouse is not shown inside kmail.
278 - Sometimes checks IMAP folders but never stops, aborting doe snot
279 help,
280 needs to be restarted.
282 - Once showed a mail on gentoo-user with my address, but I was not
283 the
284 author of this message.
286 - Going offline while some move operation is still pending makes it
287 hang.
289 - When searching large folders, a message appears telling me that
290 first
291 all messages of folder X have to be downloaded, and this will take
292 some
293 time. It appears for every folder (I surely had MANY of them), and
294 the 'do
295 not ask again' checkbox does not prevent this. So I spent a while
296 accepting t
298 - kmail used to save messages I was composing, and the auto-save
299 interbval
300 is still set. But when it crashes, or even if I quit it regularly, it
301 has
302 forgotten about mails I was currently composing.
304 Konqueror:
306 - Also somtimes has no mouse cursor inside its window.
308 - Bookmark editor still crashes sometimes
310 - Sometimes shows a weird scrolling problem when scolling a page down
312 works, but when dragging the slider only updates a few lines of
313 pixels at
314 the top. Opening the page in a new tab and closing the old one helps.
316 - When scrolling with the mouse wheel, it sometimes srolls to the
317 right,
318 too.
320 - Seldomly when scrolling a page down, it scrolls down and down until
321 at
322 the end of the page.
324 - Crashes fairly often, for example when scrolling in the shoutbox of
325 a
326 phpbb forum. I did not find such a forum with open access so I could
327 not
328 report this bug.
330 - In new tabs, the first click on a link sometimes does nothing.
332 - The saved session sometimes misses a window.
334 - The saved sessino sometimes shows tabs with old content, even older
335 than
336 when the session was saved.
338 - At session startup, I get the crash recovery dialog for some of the
340 konquerors which were open when I logged out last time.
342 Dolphin:
344 - Sometimes shows artifats that look like the shape of the preview
345 window,
346 but show other parts of the desktop.
348 - Needs double logins for FTP .
350 - Sometimes does not update the display after uploading files via
351 FTP.
353 - Does not allow to download files with umlauts via FTP (I have to do
354 this
355 regularly)
357 - Once sorted files like this:, Foo-2.avi, Foo-1.avi,
360 Krunner (this Alt-F2 thing):
362 - Is really slow sometimes
364 - Currently crashes when I enter someting.
366 Misc:
368 - Knode once forgot all old messages.
370 - knotes shows the scrollbar only when the mouse is inside it, and
371 changes
372 the layout becausethe scrollbar needs additional space. Okay, really
373 not a
374 bad bug, but still it's a little annoying as things I want to mark
375 move
376 around when I enter the window.
378 - Konsole lets me select other profiles only after I enable them
379 first in
380 the profile dialog.
382 - kalgebra once did wrong calculations with large numbers. Fixed long
383 ago,
384 but these ar ethe kind of bugs I do not want to have. What use is a
385 calculator, when I have do double check with another one just in case
386 it
387 is wrong again?
389 - KDE 3.5 had a nice print preview, but it seems there is none in KDE
390 4?
392 - Nepomuk once used several gigabytes for its database. Does no
393 longer
394 happen, but then this may be because it crashes before. When logging
395 in to
396 KD, strigi starts indexing, crashes after a minute, indexes the same
397 folders again, crashes again, until it stops completely after some
398 more
399 crashes. At least now it crashes after a minute, with my old setup
400 when I
401 let it index my MP3s, it ran for days. So I have strigi desactivated.
403 - Saving a session often does not work correctly, so I never ever do
404 this
405 without making a backup of my .kde4 directory.
407 - The 'explosion' desktop effect when closing windows is nice, but
408 also
409 happens for the little display of current size and position that
410 appears
411 when moving a window around, and as such gets on my nerves. Yeees,
412 this is
413 really no big deal, but it's on my list of bugs anyway, and I think
414 it
415 shows that the KDE guys do not test or use these things much, or do
416 not
417 care much about it.
419 - I have the Windows key as modifier wor window stuff, instead of
420 Alt. I
421 can select Meta-Shift-Tab in order to switch backwards though
422 windows, but
423 it does not work. So I'm using Meta-Caps-Tab isntead for this.
425 - Some dialog windows of a specific application always open in the
426 background, behind other windows. I checked the window settings, they
427 are
428 empty.
430 - After playing Quake3, the panel has black areas. Switching
431 Composite off
432 and on again (Alt-Shift-F12) usually fixes this. For other OpenGL
433 applications like Nexuiz, I have to open another window manager on
434 another
435 X server, as this sometimes has the weirdest effecs to the KDE
436 desktop.
438 - Amarok: Did not play streams, showed a corrupted collection for
439 several
440 times, sometimes just did not play, refused drag&drop, lost tags I
441 had
442 set, killed .ogg files when editing tags, took 7 minutes for
443 startup...
444 but these seem all to fixed.
446 - Automatic spell checking in applications like kmail or konqueror
447 does
448 not happen in KDE 4.4.4. You will find lots of typos in this mail
449 that I
450 would have corrected else. When still working, it had trouble with
451 abbreviations which were always shown as errors, and it sometimes
452 refused
453 to add words to the custom dictionary.
455 - KsCD once did not find my CD-ROM. When I just wanted to test this
456 again,
457 Amarok starts checking the CD, and is very busy with that, for
458 several
459 minutes now. The information thingy in the tray shows 0/11 tasks, all
460 with
461 empty progress bars and no further information. Using the desktop got
463 really slow, some mouse clicks took 20 seconds to take place, I
464 accidentally removed the system tray while clicking around, and the
465 system
466 was so slow it took me a while to add the tray again, even after I
467 ejected
468 the CD. This is a good example of what I experience often: I do some
469 something new, like inserting a CD, and weird things start to happen.
470 But
471 at least KsCD seems to work now. Oh, even though I closed KsCD and
472 removed
473 the CD, and I do not seem it in the system tray, it still eats up 10
474 % of
475 my CPU power.
477 - Occasionally, the phonon sound system does not work. I get a
478 message
479 about this during login. Next login, all is fine again.
481 - And why is it not possible to save multiple marked files via
482 drag&drop
483 in ark?
487 - kontact crashes when started for a second time, which sometimes
488 accidentally happens to me. Mails I was composing are lost.
490 - For two times, plasmoids were on the wrong desktop. As moving them
491 around to other desktops / activities does not seem to be possible, I
492 edit
493 .kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc directly to make them
494 appear
495 on their usual places.
497 - About once a day, only parts of the last active applications reacts
498 to
499 the mouse. Seems to happen in konqueror only. I can click links, but
500 the
501 menus do not work. When I kill it, the next allication which gets the
503 input focus gets partially responsive to the mouse. I have to log
504 out,
505 which is possible only via Ctrl-Alt-Del and waiting for 30 seconds, I
507 cannot even confirm the logout requester. Okay, there's also
508 Ctrl-Alt-
509 Shift-Del, whcih I just found out about. I thought this might be
510 related
511 to javascript, as it only happens in konqueror, so I turned it off,
512 and it
513 did not happen for two days, but then it did. Oh, and then it just
514 happened again, while composing this mail. At least I can switch to
515 this
516 window and save this as draft. But this time Ctrl-Alt-Del does not
517 work, I
518 have to restart KDM.
520 - Back again. What happened some days ago was a corrupted KDE wallet,
522 which made kwalletmanager not start. I got dozends of dialog windows
523 from
524 various applications like kmail or kopete, and additionaly lots of
525 kwalletmanager crash windows.
527 - Longer ago I experienced a bug even worse. When the KDE password
528 dialog
529 was set to show three bullets per character, it did not work. I had
530 no
531 access to my wallet, could not use kmail, or access FTP locations
532 with
533 dolphin. Took me quite a while until I finally found out myself what
534 setting was responsible for that. A total show stopper. The bug was
535 fixed
536 two months after it had been reported, which I find is quite a long
537 time
538 for such a serious bug.
540 That's most of it. I did not yet report too many of them yet, mostly
541 because I thought the developers also use KDE and already know many,
542 but
543 then maybe they happen to few people only.
545 Wonko
547 [1]
549 [2]
550 Options.html#i386-and-x86_002d64-Options