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From: Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] Six non-Gentoo installs
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 22:37:17
Message-Id: m1k8hs$qed$
1 In order to do some software testing (having mostly to do with
2 different init systems), I installed 6 distros yesterday and this
3 morning (I already had both 32 and 64 bit Gentoo/Openrc systems
4 installed). These were all on a single 1TB drive with a bunch of
5 100GB partitions that contain a Windows system and eight Linux
6 systems. [There's a "master" installation of Grub legacy that
7 chainloads any one of the 9 OS partitions.]
9 My 6 latest installs were:
11 Xubuntu 12.04
12 Xubuntu 13.10
13 Xubuntu 14.04
14 CentOS 5.11
15 CentOS 6.5
16 CentOS 7.0
18 CentOS 5.11 was the only downloaded ISO that wouldn't boot directly
19 from a USB flash drive and required that a CD be burned.
21 The first five were all quick and uneventful and took a total of maybe
22 3-4 hours (including downloading the ISO images). At each step of the
23 installs it was obvious what to do. They all allowed me to use the
24 existing partitioning table and install both OS and bootloader into an
25 existing partition. They all recognized both Ethernet adapters, and
26 all booted fine when "chainloaded" by my master copy of Grub legacy.
28 CentOS 7.0, however, was a mess.
30 It took three attempts and almost an entire day of work.
32 My first attempt was to use the "minimal" ISO image so that I would
33 have the option of burning a CD if needed (I can't burn DVDs at the
34 moment). That was a mistake. It was too minimal, and I couldn't get
35 the network working to the point where I could configure repositories
36 and install other stuff. Since the CentOS 7 ISO images all boot from
37 USB flash drive anyway, staying under the 700MB CD size limit was moot
38 anyway.
40 Next I tried the net install ISO. I'm guessing I could have burned
41 the DVD image to USB drive, but all I want is a minimal desktop
42 system, so I figured why wait for a download of 3.5GB of stuff I don't
43 care about.
45 It still didn't recognize the NVidia Ethernet controller on my
46 5-year-old motherboard. After some cable swapping and futzing around,
47 I got the netinstall going using the Realtek NIC.
49 Maybe I just got unlucky and picked a slow mirror site, but once I got
50 the install going, it ran for over 3 hours when installing a vanilla
51 Gnome desktop system. Compare that with a 15 minute download time for
52 a 700MB Xubuntu CD and then a 15 minute install.
54 CentOS 7 refused to install the bootloader in a partition: your only
55 choices are MBR or nothing. When I manually installed grub legacy it
56 failed because I had stupidly allowed CentOS to use ext4, and the
57 build of Grub I had laying around didn't grok ext4.
59 So I re-do the whole net install again using ext3 instead.
61 Now, after manually installing Grub legacy in the CentOS 7 partition,
62 it boots up.
64 The next problem is that the Gnome Shell is burning 100% of the CPU
65 time, and a terminal window can't even keep up with my typing. Forget
66 that: I can do what I want via ssh, so just disable X11.
68 CentOS still doesn't recognize the NVidia motherboard Ethernet
69 controller. After Google finds me a pages full of links to other
70 people complaining about the exact same thing, I find out RedHat
71 decided that the NVidia forcedeth driver wasn't widely used enough to
72 deserve inclusion on an ISO image that was already 360+ MB. Thanks
73 for that, RedHat. So it takes another 45 minutes of faffing around
74 finding a third party src.rpm file for the forcedeth module and
75 installing it. [It was either that or build a kernel and initrd.]
77 After about 7 hours I got a usable CentOS 7 system running (as long as
78 I don't try to use the Gnome desktop).
80 I'm more convinced than ever that Gentoo is the way to go for my
81 "real" systems...
83 --
84 Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards Yow! I feel partially
85 at hydrogenated!


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