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From: Robert Bridge <robert@××××××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] OT: Linux/Standards-friendly mobile phone
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 20:18:47
Message-Id: 20080519211846.6ab47039@pheonix
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] OT: Linux/Standards-friendly mobile phone by Albert Hopkins
1 On Mon, 19 May 2008 13:29:21 -0500
2 Albert Hopkins <marduk@×××××××××××.org> wrote:
4 > Well after acquiring my first very own mobile phone only three years
5 > ago I've come to destroying it last night. So now I'm in the market
6 > for a new phone. I'd prefer something Linux/OSS friendly, but I
7 > really have no idea right now what's out in the (U.S.) market other
8 > than iPhone which I'm not interested in. Anyone got any
9 > recommendations. I know OpenMoko and Android are pretty much not
10 > available to the masses at this point.
12 It depends on what you mean by Linux/OSS friendly. Motorola have Linux
13 based mobiles, IIRC, but they are one of the more expensive designs
14 and they aren't particularly Linux desktop friendly, though they
15 supposedly follow the standards for OBEX and USB Mass Storage, so
16 should work, and if they don't, just get the code and look.
18 OpenMoko is definitely the way forward if you want a device you can
19 play with though.
21 Rob
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