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From: Simon <turner25@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Sync'ing and compiling pkgs for multiple PCs
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:06:39
1 Hi,
2 Below I explain my story, I show some difficulties and near the end ask a few
3 questions, but last paragraph is my main question, comments on the rest is
4 greatly appreciated.
6 I have 3 computers and they are all setup the same with the exception of the
7 kernel that has different options for the youngest of my pcs. I'm looking for a
8 simple, easy and efficient way to keep them all up2date.
10 I want to avoid 3 --sync to the gentoo servers. I have tried to setup one of
11 my pc as central server and sync the others on it, but has the main disadvantage
12 that the other PCs are dependant on it (ok, it's not so difficult to change
13 make.conf).
15 Then, I would have to compile approximately 3 times the same software. My
16 computers are slow, I am poor, can't buy new hardware (FORGET IT). So I tried
17 turning on buildpkg and compile on my fastest PC.
19 I already use unison to sync my /home directory through ssh, i use it because
20 it is simple and does exactly what I need out of the box. (Compared to rsyncd,
21 where you need to setup a server, setup the firewall, what about security?...).
22 Anyway, I decided to sync /usr/portage with unison as well, which worked fine
23 and I had the binpkgs on the other pc. When I did an `emerge -k -uDN world` I
24 found that many packages still had to be built. I extracted the list of
25 packages and versions, formated properly and emerged them all on my fastest pc,
26 ran through the same routine and at the end I had to recompile just a few
27 packages that I let run (nothing like gcc or glibc, hehe).
29 Now, with my "unison technique" I believe the only flaw was that I didn't
30 have the list of all packages on all my PCs and I wonder if there is a way to
31 generate such a list, similar to what `emerge -vp -uDN world` gives but in a
32 format ready for emerge, so I can dump the pkg list for the 3 pc in 3 files and
33 run emerge on those 3 files. I would compile them -1, which, as I understand it
34 would upgrade my system (upgrade but not change world entries) and install
35 unneeded packages around. I would then use --depclean which would remove the
36 unneeded packages cleanly and finally revdep-rebuild. I would be left with my
37 fastest pc's world up2date + all binpkgs of all 3 pcs.
39 The advantage of my "unison technique" is it's transparent to any 3 pc, if a
40 pkg is not there, it downloads the distfile from the internet and compiles it,
41 completely independant. Just doing the --sync requires a little bit of
42 consideration.
44 I'm wondering if there is (i'm sure there is) a better practice in the
45 compilation of binpkgs for use by multiple computers, so that none of the other
46 computers will compile (quick update for them) and that the compiling computer
47 can compile all needed pkgs in one run preferably.
49 As usual, if you can answer my question directly on the mailing list that'd be
50 nice, if you could give URLs to some documentation that answers my question
51 that'd be very nice too!
53 Thanks, Simon


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