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From: "张韡武" <zhangweiwu@××××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] the most secure shared network system? Coda/NFSv4/others?
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 12:58:54
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1 Hello. My purpose of using a network file system is to back up my web
2 server. For some special reason the backup application I am using need
3 to directly access a mounted network file system rather then using a SSH
4 connection.
6 For me, security is the biggest concern. The backup script should be
7 able to connect to web server through encrypted TCP connection. Other
8 features like being robust, being able to handle 1000 connections, local
9 cache, offline, flexible ACL ... are not important. In my case, what is
10 the best network file system for me?
12 NFSv4 can use TCP, however I cannot find crypto information about NFSv4,
13 but I do find some info about encrypted RPC on google, probably that
14 means if I use encrypted RPC then I got encrypted NFS? A small advantage
15 of NFS over coda is that I already used NFS for years (is familiar with
16 that). Also NFS has no status, that is, I can mount once, backup every
17 night; if the office network is down and back, as long as it's not down
18 during backup, I don't have to re-connect (re-mount). Our office network
19 gets down and back automatically once several days, it's impossible to
20 maintain a TCP connection for days.
22 Coda seems to be the best choice because articles on the web suggested
23 this file system is created "with security in mind". But I never know
24 any person using this in real life (not used widely) and is not familiar
25 with it, thus I must ask for advice on this list.


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