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Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] Searching for a solution to a logical problem...
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 06:46:29
Message-Id: 20111106064513.GB21654@solfire
1 Hi,
3 The problem for which I am looking for a workaround is not based on
4 a bug -- it is a logical problem.
6 I am using session manager like KDE/Gnome/XFCE and others but openbox
7 as a window manager.
9 The mapping of keystrokes to certain funtionalities is a common
10 feature or most applications nowadays.
12 And with this keymappings there come the conflicting of keymappings
13 into existence...
15 With openbox I have mapped Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-right to next-desktop
16 and previous-desktop.
17 When starting blender, which is a great keymapper also, I know have
18 "lost" the keymapping which is mapped to Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-right,
19 since openbox catches this one and blender does not get a glimpse of
20 it.
22 The remapping of "lost keymaps" not always helps, since often used
23 functions are mapped to key combos, which can be reached easily. Those
24 are used often and therefore overlap often.
26 Remapping to avoid conflicts then led to situations where a simple
27 "del-char" of an editor is mapped to something awful like
28 <Left-Ctrl-ALT-6> (exaggerated...;)
30 Since there is one rule in the internet: "You are not the first person
31 haveing a certain problem..." I dare to ask :) .....
33 Is there any way to ease this situation?
35 Thank you very much in advance for any help! Have nice sunday!
36 Best regards,
37 mcc


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