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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: reiserfsprogs
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 17:03:37
1 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss03 <at>> writes:
4 > > /dev/sda2 /boot reiserfs defaults 1 2
5 > > /dev/sda4 / reiserfs defaults 1 1
7 > > which should force an fsck on the reiserfs file system?
9 > I don't see how this would force a fsck.
11 Well so much for the man page on fstab...
12 ount to return on my 2+TiB filesystem.)
14 > Also, resiserfsck is different than other fscks. It has two "fix" modes,
15 > neither of which is automatic and one of which is quite dangerous; the one
16 > you should use is based on the output of the "check" mode.
18 Well OK, I got your instructions.
20 However, xdm is not turned on so the system boots straight to
21 a command line prompt. Previously I suspected the xorg.conf file
22 for startup during xdm launch-->latchup. After disabling X/kde/xdm, the
23 system still has problems. Last night it was just sitting in
24 a quiescent state and it just latched up. Not good for a brand new
25 laptop. Today I booted it up and set the date on the command line.
26 Then I issued 'hwclock --systohc' and the system latched up
27 tight, again. Power cycle and the minimal CD has the system running
28 a memtest86 for a while, to ensure it's not the ram.
29 If the ram proves up OK, then I'm going to follow your
30 previous instructions on repairing the reiserfs partitions.
32 What else could it be? This was a vista only laptop, so
33 if all else fails, I'll just blame Microsoft......
34 I ran fdisk but, it may need an old fashion dos format?
35 Suggestions on robust low_level formatting is I have to re-install
36 this machine?
38 I've got over a dozen systems with reiserfs on the /boot partition
39 and not a single problem in almost 4 years of running gentoo
40 and reiser on the boot partition. Losing 32M of space is a non
41 issue for me. Reiser gets a lot of bad press,
42 but, I like it very much and cannot wait until reiser4 is
43 a bit more of a commodity.
45 I've had lots of problems with ext2 and ext3 (No thanks)......
47 I'll drop a line when the memory testing is conclusive.
49 thx,
51 James
53 --
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