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From: Marc Joliet <marcec@×××.de>
To: Gentoo-User ML <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Extending a partition with LVM on it
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 21:59:53
1 Hi Lists,
3 I recently did some rearranging of my partitions, so that everything
4 except / and /boot (they're where my Windows used to be) is on a
5 logical volume. Yay, me. My partitioning now looks like this:
7 >marcec marcec # df -h
8 >Dateisystem Größe Benut Verf Ben% Eingehängt auf
9 >/dev/sda1 1,2G 516M 610M 46% /
10 >udev 10M 280K 9,8M 3% /dev
11 >tmpfs 501M 0 501M 0% /dev/shm
12 >/dev/mapper/maindisk-Var
13 > 2,0G 340M 1,7G 17% /var
14 >/dev/mapper/maindisk-Usr
15 > 20G 13G 7,4G 64% /usr
16 >/dev/mapper/maindisk-Opt
17 > 15G 8,6G 6,5G 57% /opt
18 >/dev/mapper/multimedia-Home
19 > 45G 40G 5,7G 88% /home
20 >/dev/mapper/multimedia-Media
21 > 20G 1,5G 19G 8% /home/marcec/multimedia
22 >/dev/mapper/multimedia-Stuff
23 > 45G 37G 8,7G 81% /home/marcec/stuff
25 I wasn't sure how big I should make /var and /usr. /opt is that big in
26 the event I install some more games. Otherwise /boot is on sda5, the VG
27 maindisk on sda6 and the VG multimedia on sdb.
29 Now, since Windows was at the beginning of the hard drive, there is a
30 huge gap (about 23 GB) between sda5 and sda6.
32 What I want to know is, how would I go about filling the gap to have a
33 single, large partition for maindisk? Gparted wouldn't do it and I
34 didn't dare do anything with cfdisk.
36 For the moment I added a new partition (via cfdisk, that I did dare do)
37 that takes up the entire gap and extended maindisk to that. It's not
38 what I wanted, but it works. So that puts the VG on both sda6 (new) and
39 sda7 (old sda6). So it looks like this now:
41 >marcec marcec # pvs
42 > PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree
43 > /dev/sda6 maindisk lvm2 a- 23,22G 23,22G
44 > /dev/sda7 maindisk lvm2 a- 273,31G 233,38G
45 > /dev/sdb1 multimedia lvm2 a- 149,05G 39,05G
48 Of course, since I didn't do anything else to maindisk, I understand I
49 can always remove the partition from LVM via vgreduce and pvremove.
51 Any hints in this regard, or is my current solution the only viable?
53 --
54 Marc Joliet
55 --
56 "People who think they know everything really annoy those of us who
57 know we don't" - Bjarne Stroustrup


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