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From: Francesco Turco <fturco@××××××××.fm>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] eclean and the --time-limit option
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2012 14:35:13
1 Hello.
3 I usually use the following commands to clean distfiles and binary
4 packages after an upgrade:
6 # eclean --destructive distfiles
7 # eclean --destructive packages
9 Now I'd like to add the --time-limit=1w option, in order to prevent
10 recent files to be deleted. I think this would be useful for having time
11 to properly test the system and rapidly reverting any problematic
12 update. Or when you remove a program but you change idea some days later
13 and you want it back.
15 In man eclean it says:
16 > don't delete files modified since <time>
18 So eclean looks for modification time. In /usr/portage/packages files
19 were last modified when they were last emerged. So this is OK. But in
20 /usr/portage/distfiles files last modification time does not correspond
21 to when they were last downloaded. So it could happen that you
22 downloaded package X today, tried it, didn't like it, unmerged it, but
23 since its sources may have a modification time more than 1 week ago it
24 could be deleted by eclean. I have distfiles whose modification time is
25 years in the past, although my system is just some days old.
27 I wonder if there's some way to fix this, perhaps by telling Portage to
28 update modification time for distfiles when they are fetched from
29 servers. Or using some other option with eclean.
31 Thank you.


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