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From: james <garftd@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] OpenSource Cellular
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 22:33:33
I have an expensive cellualr service and a Galaxy Note 9.
It SUCKS really bad. I spend way too much time, just dealing with
a close source system and way too many vendor traps. I'm done with with,
and am curious if others have similar experiences and are interested in
alternatives, that we the citizens control. In my newly forming 
approach, there is room for vendors and consumers and open source 
developers. I'm in the USA, but, there is absolutely no reason this 
movement I am proposing, could not sweep the globe, IP centric, free and 
open.  Here is my posting to gentoo-embedded, as embedded, secure 
devices, that are kept secure by the device owner, are central to what I 
am proposing. Strong filters and other technologies to keep criminal 
activity, defince by the governments, courts and citizens of the various 
countries, are paramount to my (our?) vision. But the inherent right to
security and hardware and software, is the right of the citizen, and 
must supercede corporate profit schemes, criminal activities and 
maligned actions of the collective governments.

Time for FREEDOM to reign! (spell checker on thunderbird temporarily 

Be at peace,
James Horton, PE

Here's the gentoo-embedded posting::

Hello gentoo embedded,

I've had a galaxy note 9 on Verizon for a year. As a unix variant
user, since the early 80's, IT SUCKS, really bad; time to fix.

Since, I am addicted to most things gentoo centric, I have a new plan
to ease my cellular pains.....

What I'm thinking is a flip-cell-phone, just for robust converversation.
It'd be nice if it had a data-port (serial, ?) to tether any number of
tablet/laptop gentoo devices to as one pathway for mobile 
communications. A reliable, gentoo-friend wireless service, USA centric,
would be another great pathway to facilitate mobile communications.

Eventually, I intend to add other form of wireless connectivity, the 
more the better. Surely some work has preceeded this effort, links
and suggestions are most welcome. I intend to collaborate with others
that are just tired of the OS on top of most cell phones. They hinder
my thoughts and efforts, and imho, it's just time for the open source 
communities to pull together and create viable alternatives, so we
can control the software we use for wireless and mobile communications.
Surely others have already blazed this pathway?

I also have experience with embedded sytems communications devices and 
microcontrollers, running minimalistic codes, so prototyping an open 
source cellular device, is not a problem, just a lot of work and funding 
for the prototypes. Respond, or send me private email, if your 
circumstances warrant. I'm very tired of the hardware/firmware/software
offernings of the commercial vendors.

I'm so pissed, I just may run for public office, with the only goal is 
to fix our F.up communicaitons systems, and furthermore, bring privacy 
back to citizens that have no criminal past. I surely hope, and pray, 
that a few other talented hardware/firmware centric folks, feel the 
pain, and are ready to legally fix this bullshit of subversives 
controlling the airwave. There is plent of action where commercial 
entities can prosper, and we, the citizens in good standing, can have 
freedom of hardware and software, that WE control.  Time to action!

James Horton, PE


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