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From: Etaoin Shrdlu <shrdlu@×××××××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Strange problems with keyboard over vnc
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 14:37:55
1 I don't even know what to google for in this case.
3 I have a remote box running gentoo with kde 3.5, to which I connect using
4 VNC (krfb on the remote box, krdc on the local one).
6 (the actual connection goes via a ssh tunnel, but I think that is not
7 relevant here)
9 All used to work fine, until some days ago the remote site had a power
10 outage and the box was turned off. So I asked someone at the remote site
11 to turn it on (just pressing the big red switch, basically), and I could
12 happily connect via VNC again. Everything seemed to work fine, except
13 that at some point I realized that I was not able to enter uppercase
14 characters. That is, pressing (for example) shift+r on the local
15 keyboard produces a lowercase r, regardless of which shift key I use
16 (left or right is the same). This happens in every program (xterm,
17 kmail, konsole, etc.). Caps lock works fine though.
19 But the weirdness does not stop here. Accidentally, I discovered that if
20 I press shift, and then press another key and keep it pressed to trigger
21 repetition, I get this:
23 $ sSSSSSSSSsssssssssss
25 or this:
27 $ 5%%%%%%%%55555555555
29 in both cases, the first character is output immediately; since the key
30 (s or 5) is hold pressed, after a brief interval repetition starts, with
31 the expected output for shift+that key, but that lasts only for 8
32 repetitions, and after that it reverts to the non-shift version. The
33 number 8 seems to be constant. All of this happens just keeping the key
34 pressed, without releasing it. (yes, it's difficult to explain!)
36 Another strange thing is that combinations that involve pressing multiple
37 keys, one of which is shift (like for example altgr+shift+[ to get an
38 open brace) seem to produce the expected result (ie, { in this example).
40 Out of curiosity, I tried to connect to the remote box using krdc from
41 another gentoo+kde box, and I got exactly the same results. To complete
42 the picture, when using the original local box to connect to a different
43 remote box with the same setup everything works fine, so it seems a
44 problem of that specific remote box.
46 I tried to rebuild krdc on the local box and krfb on the remote one, no
47 luck.
49 Nothing changed in installed software releases: xorg-x11 on the remote
50 box is 7.2, xorg-server is 1.5.3-r6, with a pretty basic setup (just
51 keyboard, mouse and graphics adapter, no hal or other fancy stuff; I can
52 post the config as well as any other information if needed).
54 As I said before, I don't know even where to start looking here.
56 Thanks in advance for any help.