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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: gigabyte mobo latency
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 16:41:36
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: gigabyte mobo latency by thegeezer
1 thegeezer <thegeezer <at>> writes:
3 > especially for non-local systems. other distros have apps such as
4 > "cgclassify" which provides some shortcut to managing cgroups --
5 > creation / and moving process in and out
7 Ok. So, if you or anyone else knows of or runs across a robust gui
8 managment interface for cgroups, please post to this list or drop
9 me some email. Porting something that is established is my preferred
10 modis_operandi.....
15 > you can also have a nohup process that does ps -eLf to search for
16 > process you want to classify and move them into the appropriate cgroup
17 > for default cgroups you can also use inotify
18 > a quick search shows which daemonises this
19 > process.
21 Yes well this is fantastic information. I've read dozens and dozens
22 of things about cgroups, but none more useful than what you have
23 stated here. So now I'm on the path to finding something to port to
24 gentoo/openrc/cgroups or something to hack to fill this void().
25 The only FSM (Finite State Machine) development software I see in
26 portage is qfsm. I'm off to look for a new FSM design software package;
27 as an 'old_fart' it seems logical that limited physical resources
28 should have finite states and therefore be first designed as a FSM.
29 I feel 'cheated" that after quickly looking at about a dozen books on
30 deep issues with 'C" on unix, that none mentioned cgroups. I feel,
31 stupid and ignoranat and orphaned because this wonderful technology,
32 cgroups, has been pretty well hidden? A gui interface to a FSM instantiated
33 control system for cgroups, appears to be to be a very cool idea. It's going
34 to be a prerequisite for robust linux clustering, imho. FSMs are the best
35 way to manage finite hardware resources and they are the mainstay of
36 traditional device (hardware) driver codes. [1]
39 > all this is a bit hack'n'slash though i appreciate, so if anyone else
40 > knows of suitable tools i'd also be interested to hear of them
43 I've done quite a bit of reading and research. There is much "high_brow"
44 talk (chatter) about cgroups but very little on a practical, useful basis.
45 I sense there are many more folks just like us that need a robust,
46 easy to follow methodology to learn about, setup and master cgroups.
47 Even if we all end up migrating to systemd (which from plentiful complaints
48 from many very bright folks about the net and the lack of a clean, useful
49 documentation on systemd, it's likely to be a decade before systemd
50 stablizes and folks produce sufficiently useful documentation and examples)
51 cgroups does illuminate how things should work in a complex environment so
52 it still is worth it's weight in gold, before one attempts to master the
53 (systemd) beast.
55 Your information about cgroups is WONDERFUL!
57 thx,
58 James
60 [1]
62 [2]
64 [3]
66 [4]


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