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To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Unstable compositor - help!
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2021 19:47:07
1 Systemd/wayland setup - currently no graphical login ...
3 I know they say rebooting doesn't fix anything (and it broke a load for
4 me), but it does seem to (sometimes) fix "startplasma-wayland".
6 But typically, startplasma-wayland will bring up the big K, and then the
7 screen goes black. Log in on a different vt, kill wayland, and I've got
8 a page of error messages mostly about "can't load compositor" then
9 "can't find compositor" etc etc. "Re-installing might fix the problem".
11 Run it again and it often works, or I get about four error messages. If
12 it fails the second time, it tends to stay failed. I can't say "until I
13 reboot", because SUSE kindly screwed me over yesterday morning - it
14 upgraded the kernel, regenerated grub.cfg, and broke EVERYTHING - itself
15 and gentoo ...
17 Once Wayland is running successfully, most applications seem fine, but
18 Thunderbird keeps crashing with "broken pipe" or "lost compositor" or
19 stuff like that.
21 I've also got X installed, but if I try and run that, it doesn't work
22 either. BUT IT'S NOT (AFAICT) CRASHING. It just fires up, prints a bunch
23 of information messages, and exits. Doesn't even give me a black screen!
24 And if I look at the log file, again it's all information messages
25 (apart from not being able to find fbdev or vesa which apparently is
26 irrelevant because it's loading radeon fine afaict). The only oddity is
27 it's reporting my logitech gaming mouse as a keyboard.
29 Is there a decent trouble-shooting guide for Wayland? The only one I
30 found went on about DrKonqui and various dbus stuff. But if you don't
31 have a running gui, you don't have DrKonqui? And I don't know, but dbus
32 feels to me like it's also a gui thing ... (although I'm probably wrong
33 there ...)
35 (What messed up my system this weekend was I booted into SUSE so I could
36 snapshot my gentoo lv, and SUSE wanted to update. So I let it, it
37 updated the kernel, and totally fucked up grub.cfg, to the extend I
38 ended up in the rescue console editing it... Then once I managed to get
39 back into gentoo, it was update world, compile kernel, generate new
40 grub.cfg TO A DIFFERENT FILE, and edit the two files carefully together
41 so I should have a working boot setup again. Word of warning - DON'T let
42 grub-mkconfig loose on a boot partition shared between distros!)
44 Cheers,
45 Wol