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From: james <garftd@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Gentoo Cluster:: dirt simple
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 19:03:06
1 Howdy,
4 I ran across an old, (use to be) deprecated set of cluster instructions
5 for a Beowulf cluster. Nothing fancy but dirt simple to set up, with
6 NFS. But the really cool thing now is NFS can be replace with OrangeFS
7 (eix -R orangefs) or OpenAFS as both are now supported in portage
8 (thanks Bircoph & NPH!). Dunno about cephfs or others. OrangeFS grew out
9 of the old PVM codes.
12 So this clusters can be build on very old hardware or modern embedded
13 systems or new hardware. There are a few tweaks and package name
14 changes, but it's all still either in portage or we can replace the
15 components easily. I have not had time to build it, yet, as I'm still
16 fiddling with various HD configurations. A rewrite of the instructions
17 centric to replacing NFS with a Distributed File System would be a
18 fantastic enhancement. But with 100M or 1G ethernet, this puppy should
19 be easy and fun to build, low cost and readily expandable to a mix of
20 embedded or old systems as well as new (efi) based hardware. It will
21 probably be pretty fast too, relative to the hardware used. NFS was the
22 "big_pig" that killed this clustering approach, back in the day, imho.
24 Kernel tweaks (OrangeFS requires 4.6 or later) are an area that can be
25 experimented around with too, after a test cluster is booted. I have not
26 mucked around with DKC 'Dynamic Kernel Changes' on live systems yet, but
27 that would surely speed up experimentation, if anyone knows where any
28 docs are on that centric to gentoo or just post the basic steps to DKC.
31 The est part is it (should) work with or without systemd install-able
32 on: bare metal, VM or containerized platforms. Surely there are a
33 multitude of tweaks that can be made to greatly accelerate this approach
34 to gentoo clustering.
37 The old wulfware code (sys-cluster/wulfware) is still around to monitor
38 such this cluster, as a simple package. Anyone ambitious cold post how
39 to alter these instructions for a VM or container based gentoo install.
40 I was working my way to a similar approach when this url just popped up
41 today:: [1]
43 [1]
46 enjoy,
47 James


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