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From: Dan Johansson <Dan.Johansson@×××.nu>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] syslog-ng changed format of config-file
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2013 08:16:56
1 Today after running an "update world" (which included syslog-ng-3.2 ->
2 syslog-ng-3.4), I restarted syslog-ng and got the following two messages:
4 WARNING: Configuration file format is too old, syslog-ng is running in
5 compatibility mode Please update it to use the syslog-ng 3.4 format at
6 your time of convinience, compatibility mode can operate less
7 efficiently in some cases. To upgrade the configuration, please review
8 the warnings about incompatible changes printed by syslog-ng, and once
9 completed change the @version header at the top of the configuration file.;
10 WARNING: global: the default value of log_fifo_size() has changed to
11 10000 in syslog-ng 3.3 to reflect log_iw_size() changes for tcp()/udp()
12 window size changes;
15 I do have some customizations in my syslog-ng.conf so I have not yet
16 installed the quite minimalistic new syslog-ng.conf
17 (._cfg0000_syslog-ng.conf).
19 Does anyone have a link to some good documentation on how to upgrade a
20 3.2 configuration to 3.4?
22 Regards,
23 --
24 Dan Johansson, <>
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