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From: Daniel Iliev <danny@××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] <OT>: [OT: JOKE]virtual Windows solution...
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 23:50:04
1 Nico Schümann wrote:
3 > Actually, I'd never do dirty things like these. But I really don't
4 > know how the performance would be. I think, the host sets the
5 > performance limits. And if the host is kina trash (M$), then there is
6 > no use of it.
7 > By the way, I recently read about Vanderpool and Windows. Windows
8 > works fine under SUSE. I think, if I ever got a new machine, my
9 > processor would have this nice bunch of Vanderpool features to run
10 > Windows. I actually don't use Windows. I *do* hate Windows. But how
11 > about telling people: "This is linux. It's that nice - it can run
12 > trash" (pointing at the Windows window) "without performance loss." I
13 > think, that's it.
15 LOL
17 Linux can run trash even now. The funniest thing is that *trashers*
18 don't know it and they think windows is irreplaceable for great many
19 programs but that's not least not any more.
21 One of the most popular false beliefs is "linux can't run games".
23 Several months ago a friend of mine came to my place and showed me he
24 had just bought himself "Quake-4". He was paying tributes to Windows and
25 was explaining me how "he was going play, while I could only sit and
26 watch with my linux".
27 OK, I knew the guys from ID Software had promised a linux version soon
28 after the general release, but I was nicely surprised when I found that
29 not only ID Software had kept their promise, but also the guys from
30 gentoo had it in the portage!
31 Well, the installation was "windows-easy" and I showed my friend Quake-4
32 under linux on a machine which I doubt is capable of even starting this
33 game under Windows.
35 More recently I was glad to rain on his parade again. This time the game
36 in question was Heroes-4. Well, Heroes-4 was tricky. I had to compile
37 cedega and it wasn't quite easy, but after all I was glad to send
38 several screen shots to my friend.
39 Heroes is deleted already but I'm afraid to touch cedega, because I
40 don't want to go through compiling from cvs again. It was quite painful.
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45 Best regards,
46 Daniel
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