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From: Steen Eugen Poulsen <sep@×××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] genkernel vs kernel manual compilation
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 20:26:57
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] genkernel vs kernel manual compilation by Ryan Sims
1 Ryan Sims skrev:
2 > I think Volker's point about genkernel not making things easier is
3 > just that it seems to be a source of confusion and complexity in this
5 Go read his post please, he is making things up and blaming the tool for
6 an idiot using it wrong.
8 He somehow thinks that genkernel is autoconfiggenrartorsuperai, It
9 isn't, it's a simple script to easily handle repeated compiles of kernels.
11 Anyone can write scripts to do the same or claim they don't mind writing
12 the same command over and over every time they handle a kernel compile,
13 but to turn around and use that fact to attack and descridit genkernel
14 so viciously done in this thread is nothing but FUD.
17 And to the lies:
19 Lie:
20 because I have seen more than one non-booting totally f* up kernel
21 created by
22 genkernel. I won't touch it ever again. If something sucked in the past,
23 the
24 change is great that it sucks again in the future. Plus it doesn't really
25 make things easier, does it?
28 Thats a LIE, genkernel DOES not have ANY inteligence to create .config
29 for kernels, why is he spreading FUD about it creating "f* up" kernels.
31 In /usr/share/genkernel you will find *TEMPLATES* that can be used, but
32 they aren't LiveCD setups to create all round kernels, it's possible
33 they should be, but at the moment they are rough templates you can use
34 to make a .config.
37 Lie 2: It doesn't make things easier.
39 It does make things easier, again he is confusing automagic .config
40 creation with what genkernel can help with. The tool automate the task
41 involved in compiling kernels and/or maintaining multiple
42 configurations. And the Vol fellow really should start using genkernel
43 as his comment clearly demonstrate he does not take appropriate caution
44 to ensure that the kernel source is in a sane state between compiles.
46 The kernel make file is very complicated and fragile, genkernels propper
47 step is *NOT* idiocy, but done because it avoid bugging the kernel
48 compile. (WARNING! Don't start doing mrproppers manually, it erase the
49 .config file, something that --save-config option of genkernel handles
50 so you don't loss your configuration)
52 All the rest of his hate drivel is based on this kind of made up FUD
53 against it and he is not alone, you see this hate FUD being spread all
54 over about a decent tool, the author(s) deserve better treatment than this.


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