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From: Michael Vetter <michael.vetter@××××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Gentoo on MacbookPro Retina
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 12:41:32
1 Hello,
3 Since a few weeks I am using Gentoo Linux.
4 I have used Debian for something like 12 years and now decided to
5 switch. So far I really enjoy the learning experience with Gentoo.
7 Up to know I have it only installed on an old Notebook, to play around
8 with it.
9 However I use it way too seldom and thus want to install it on my main
10 machine which is MacbookPro Retina.
12 I read the Gentoo wiki article and several blog posts, however some
13 instructions heavily differ, and I am not sure if the wiki is up to
14 date. There seem to be minor problems but maybe they already have been
15 fixed.
17 No idea whether battery life, backlight usage, wifi and such things work
18 properly. And I have heart that the high resolution causes some
19 problems, but I dont understand why exactly. I would very much
20 appreciate if someone could explain the _why_ to me :-)
22 So I wonder if someone here has some experience, and could tell me what
23 works and what doesn't.
24 Furthermore I would greatly appreciate all kinds of advice and hints
25 before I try to install it myself, maybe someone even can share his
26 kernel config and other important config files which will make the
27 Macbook usable. As a start for me to customize it more to my needs.
29 Finally some information about my model.
31 Name: MacbookPro Retina 15 inch mid 2012
32 Identifier: MacBookPro10,1
33 Model Number: A1398
34 Intel i7
36 dmesg:
37 lsmod:
38 lspci:
39 lsusb:
41 Maybe I should add that I use a USB-To-Ethernet adapter from
42 CableMatters which uses ASIX AX88179.
44 I already booted succesfully with SystemRescueCD, from which I read
45 lsmod and the other commands. Afterwards I installed refind UEFI
46 bootloader, since many people seem to use it, but I am not sure whether
47 it's better than Grub.
48 And I have heard that because it's UEFI I need to use GPT partition tables.
50 My primary goal is to get Gentoo running on this machine, so I can use
51 it everyday and learn more about it on the go. However I also would
52 appreciate every background information about configuring it, what
53 problems can occur and why, to understand the whole matter.
55 Thanks in advance
56 regards
58 Michael
60 PS: I might not be able to check mails (and thus reply) until next Tuesday..