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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: star
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 17:54:24
1 Hi Joerg,
3 Quite an honour to receive a mail from you. :)
5 > The reason why Debian started this is the missing will for quality oriented
6 > cooperation by a single person: "Eduard Bloch".
7 >
8 > The reason why other Linux distributions followed Debian is that they believed
9 > the lies spread by Eduard Bloch.
10 >
11 > I see a good cooperation with 99.99% of the Linux commuinity but there are some
12 > Trolls who attack me. It seems that once you do a lot of work, some people
13 > become jealous and start to attack you. Doing popular things seems to imply
14 > that you become the target of attacks.
16 I didn't follow the whole licence issue, nor I don't care that much
17 about that (I was just explaining what I know from the Internet). The
18 problem, as it seemed, is that you and Bloch staunchly refused to settle
19 down the issue somehow. Please correct me if it's wrong.
21 But I don't buy the "people that attack me is just jealous/trolling"
22 argument, sorry. Assuming good faith is always better. To tell "I'm
23 right and B is lying" is quite trollish too. To tell "I'm right, B
24 probably hasn't understood that..." is another thing. And trying to do
25 baby steps each in the direction of the other should always be strived
26 for. It seems in this case that both failed to do that. Personally I'd
27 have stepped down on licence issues if that meant more distribution for
28 my code, but I'm not a serious programmer so I don't know if it holds
29 for larger projects. However I'll have to review ye old flamewar to
30 understand the issue.
32 The problem, however, is that -being it your fault or not- that incident
33 somehow made hard for some people to rely on your tools. :(
35 > I am frequently meeting with Linux (and other OSS) people and I get frequent
36 > invitations as speaker on Linux events. Noone from the people who attack me
37 > did ever meet me.....
39 Well, what does it mean?
41 m.
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