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From: Stefano Crocco <posta@×××××××××××××.it>
To: gentoo <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] help installing Gentoo on Asus Transformer T101HA
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 20:34:02
Message-Id: 3050136.cXRzIXVGXk@linux
1 Hello to everyone,
2 I'm trying to install Gentoo on an Asus Transformer T101HA and there are some
3 issues I'd need help with.
5 First of all, I must say that many things worked fairly easily. I performed
6 the installation from a SysrescueCD USB stick where almost everything,
7 including WiFi and touchscreen, worked out of the box (aside from having to
8 find out how to rotate the screen, both in X and in framebuffer).
10 After installing everything (of course, compiling all packages on my desktop
11 machine), there are still some things which don't work. One is the touch
12 screen but, given that it worked using the SysrescueCD stick, I'm not worried
13 too much about it (besides, I'm not planning to use it much).
15 The most troublesome issues, right now, are the sound card and the SD card
16 reader. Both of them simply don't seem to exist: they didn't work with the
17 SysrescueCD stick, I can't find any mention of either of them in the output of
18 dmesg, lspci and lsusb and Google gave pratically no answer. I'm starting to
19 think neither of them is supported with Linux but I haven't been able to find
20 any definitive information about this. I tried activating all kernel options I
21 could find which seemed vaguely related to them, but to no effect.
23 Unfortunately, I haven't been able even to find out the exact models of the
24 cards. All I know is that (according to Windows 10) the sound card is an Intel
25 SSt Audio Device (WDM), while the codec is a Realtek I2S Audio Codec. I have
26 no information at all on the SD card reader. The motherboard, according to
27 lshw, is a T101HA by AUSTeK.
29 I attach my last version of the kernel config (using gentoo-sources-4.14.9
30 which, I just found out, now seems to be masked).
32 I'd be glad for any hint about these issues. I spent all of this afternoon
33 trying to solve them and I can't really think what else I could try.
35 Thanks in advance
37 Stefano


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