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From: Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards@×××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] IPv6 usage patterns (static, DHCPv6, RA, mDNS, ?)
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 14:53:04
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1 As you may have gathered from my posts yesterday, I'm working on
2 adding IPv6 to an embedded device (actually a family of serial device
3 servers).
5 I've got the device working fine with link-local addressing, but I'm
6 not sure what the next phase should be.
8 While some of our customers are asking for IPv6 support, I'm pretty
9 sure almost none of those asking are actually using IPv6 nor do they
10 have any plans to do so in the near future. They're either trying to
11 satisfy a feature checklist handed down from on high (where somebody
12 read an airline magazine article about IPv6), or they think that
13 maybe, someday, somehow, IPv6 might be useful (but they have no idea
14 when or how).
16 It is unheard of for these devices to have a routable address, and
17 they're often on small networks that have no connectivity to the
18 outside world at all. Very occasionally they will be accessed via a
19 corporate WAN that involves routing betwen multple subnets. But, they
20 are pretty much never accessed from "The Internet" nor do they access
21 The Internet.
23 The existing devices are used probably half the time with Ethernet MAC
24 addressing only (no IP). When they're used with IPv4 it's 99% static
25 addressing with the other 1% using DHCP.
27 It's also probably relevent that the devices doesn't use a DNS server.
29 Judging by the lack of support in many apps, I'm assuming people
30 aren't going to be using IPv6 link-local addressing (though it
31 corresponds very nicely to our currently common use-case involving MAC
32 addressing).
34 What I'm wondering about is what are the most likely use cases for
35 IPv6 address configuration?
37 1) Almost all our customers who are using IPv4 use static addressing.
38 Do people configure static IPv6 addresses in devices?
40 2) Is IPv6 router announcement sufficient for some common use cases?
42 3) Is DHPCv6 commonly used?
44 4) The device doesn't use DNS and doesn't have a hostname, so there's
45 nothing to do regarding mDNS, right?
47 I think I have to implment someting besides link-local addressing, and
48 I'm wondering what...
50 --
51 Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards Yow! I don't understand
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