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Subject: [gentoo-user] Problems Booting
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:01:30
1 I'm ~x86 on a dell laptop.
3 I'm having some fun this morning. Everything was working this morning, but I
4 shut down the system for my daily commute and now it won't boot. I seem to
5 remember a few gnome emerges last night, but everything emerged cleanly and ran
6 etc-update.
8 I have some failing init scripts such as xfs (ie, X Font Server) and net.eth0. I did a 'rc-update del' on these and xdm, so that I'd have a starting point from which to work from.
10 However, it sill won't give me a bash shell. It literally hangs after starting
11 the last script.
13 Does anybody know which rock to turn over to find out why this is the case?
15 --Kurt
17 PS- I can boot off the Gentoo Live CD. I did a new 'emerge sync', but I can't
18 find anything that would fix this. I also checked, but
19 nada. I'm running fsck on all my file partitions to see if there is an
20 error.
23 --
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