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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE plasmashell and wallpapers.
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2019 18:35:52
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE plasmashell and wallpapers. by Mick
1 Mick wrote:
2 > On Tuesday, 24 December 2019 06:40:13 GMT Dale wrote:
3 >> Howdy,
4 >>
5 >> It seems plasmashell and wallpapers for the desktop has a problem. I'm
6 >> not sure if it is just me or if it could affect others. Either way, I
7 >> have no idea how to fix it. I have a LOT of wallpapers that I've
8 >> downloaded/collected over the years. Some are NASA pics of Mars, stars,
9 >> galaxies and a whole lot of others that I've accumulated over the last
10 >> 15 years or so. According to Dolphin and the properties box, it's well
11 >> over 100,000 of them.
12 > WOW! A rather large number I would think.
14 Well, they were accumulated over many years.  Besides, NASA takes a lot
15 of pics.  I haven't added any in years.  I started my video collection
16 and well, got side tracked. lol  There's actually close to 150,000.  I
17 looked at the count wrong.  I mistook the 5 for a 0.  It shows 154,090
18 in 8,567 sub-folders. 
21 >
22 >
23 >> I have them all in a directory named, wait for
24 >> it, wallpapers. Under that they are sorted in directories by what they
25 >> are, where they come from or whatever. I try not to go to deep but it
26 >> does pick up at least two or three levels deep. I've had it set that
27 >> way for ages and it has always worked with the only problem being it
28 >> picking them at random. Some are intended to be like a slideshow.
29 >> Anyway, they added the option of doing them in different orders
30 >> including a-z, which is nice. It will be nicer if I can get it to work
31 >> now. ;-)
32 >>
33 >> Problem. When I have it set to the main directory and I login to KDE,
34 >> plasmashell goes nuts. It hogs up a full CPU core and never stops.
35 >> It's not exactly memory friendly either. The little panel thingy at the
36 >> bottom, the thing with the clock and the pager etc, locks up tight. The
37 >> clock doesn't change, you can't select anything with it or anything
38 >> else. Just for giggles, I left it for half a hour or so hoping it would
39 >> finish whatever it was doing but it never did. Killing plasmashell and
40 >> restarting results in the same problem. Once it does that, I have to
41 >> downgrade to a earlier version of plasma. While fiddling with it today,
42 >> I had the idea of manually restarting plasmashell and letting it show on
43 >> the screen what it was doing. Since the panel thingy won't work,
44 >> neither does the clipboard so no copy and paste of the actual error
45 >> itself. What it showed me tho was that the wallpapers was the problem.
46 >> It said something about bad metadata for each and every wallpaper image
47 >> I have stored. I can't recall the error exactly but may can reproduce
48 >> it later.
49 > Take a pic of it so you have a more precise idea what it reports and google
50 > for ideas on what may be causing it. If you're on a console use tee to
51 > redirect the output to a file, or use gpm to select some text off the screen
52 > and paste it in a file.
53 >
55 I should have done that.  I sort of thought I would remember enough of
56 it tho.  Of course, I go to the kitchen and forget what I went in there
57 for.  I should have known better.  :/ 
60 >> I suspect when the option to have them random or in order was
61 >> added, something changed in the way it looks at the directory. Thing
62 >> is, I have no idea how to make this work like it should with all of them
63 >> enabled.
64 > I have found the file indexer occasionally chews up CPU non-stop. I think I
65 > disabled it at some point but in any case I have not noticed it chewing up CPU
66 > since. Could it be the file indexer now needs to re-index all your images and
67 > it falls over itself due to the number and directory depth?
68 >
69 > Is possible to drop into a console or ssh into this PC when it's hanging to
70 > see what process(es) are taking up resources in real time?
71 >
73 I've disabled a lot in KDE already.  I can't recall them all tho.  I
74 think one was semantic or something.  I think something pulled it in but
75 I think I cut it off in system settings somewhere.  Tell me how to check
76 and I'll see if it is off/disabled as well. 
79 >> My temporary solution, I pointed it to a small directory that only has a
80 >> couple dozen images in it. That seems to work.
81 > Is there a difference in the metadata of these few images compared with the
82 > rest in the whole directory?
83 >
85 It's actually a small directory of the exact same images.  I might add,
86 the clock does skip a second or so when I add them so I suspect it
87 performs the same action, it just has a much smaller number of them. 
88 It's hard to say.  Point being, I'm using the same images as before,
89 just a smaller sub-directory. 
91 >> Setting it to the whole
92 >> directory after that tho, does the same as above. So doing a sort of
93 >> reset doesn't help. Heck, at one point, I cleaned up the living room,
94 >> took out the trash and did some other stuff while it was banging away
95 >> with a core on my CPU. Thing never did finish.
96 >>
97 >> Anyone even know where to start with this? I've got it narrowed down to
98 >> it being a issue with wallpapers. I just don't know where to go from
99 >> here. Is it supposed to do that for some reason and I'm the only one
100 >> with a HUGE collection? Surely not.
101 >>
102 >> Thanks.
103 >>
104 >> Dale
105 >>
106 >> :-) :-)
107 > Some ideas in no particular order:
108 >
109 > Compare the metadata of an image which works without crashing and one that
110 > causes a crash, with exif or less. If there is no discernible difference it
111 > may be the problem is not with the metadata, but with Plasma being able to
112 > parse all these files and their metadata.
113 >
114 > Gradually add images to find a number at which the problem occurs and back off
115 > from there. Not a solution, but a workaround.
116 >
117 > Another workaround, restructure the fs to have fewer layers, but keep the same
118 > large number of images to see if it process them without a crash.
119 >
120 > Do you really all 100,000 images? Is it worth keeping all of them, or is it
121 > perhaps time for some house keeping?
122 >
123 > Wait for new Plasam version to come out and perhaps report a bug if one is not
124 > yet posted.
127 I think it is parsing the files.  As you say, there is a lot of them.  I
128 sat and watched it scroll through the files and it just kept scrolling
129 them by.  It didn't hang on a particular one or anything, it was
130 steadily listing every directory and file.  I guess I need it to somehow
131 skip that step.  As you see above, it's a LOT of files and it would be
132 quite a daunting task to even check each one much less try to build some
133 sort of database or something for them all. 
135 I'll try to see if I can get the actual error here in a bit, either a
136 picture or the actual text.  I only need one line because it is the same
137 for them all except the name and path of the file. 
139 Thanks much.
141 Dale
143 :-)  :-) 


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