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Subject: [gentoo-user] Gentoo on System76 laptop, and Netflix
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 20:05:16
1 I have an old (6-7 years?) Mac laptop which I mostly use for watching streaming Netflix movies, and ssh into work computers of one sort or another. It has one dead key (up arrow), another which is flaky, the screen brightness sometimes flickers, but it generally still works, mostly.
3 My home computer is gentoo but a big server.
5 At work I have a System76 laptop, Gazelle Pro I think, which has one of the best keyboards I have ever used of any type, so I have been thinking of getting one for myself. But it runs Ubuntu, and while that is ok for work, I'd get pretty tired of it on a personal computer.
7 So, two questions:
9 1. Anyone have any experience installing gentoo on a System76 laptop?
11 2. If I use kvm/virsh, is it possible to install a Mac image to watch Netflix streaming movies? Or, yecch, Windows, but I'd really rather not try that, as I haven't touched Windows for 15-20 years and see no reason to enrich Boll Gates' pension.
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