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To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Partitions - last questions...
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:45:16
1 Ok, this is the last question I need to answer for myself before
2 installing a final version of my new virtualized gentoo server...
4 I'll be using the following partition layout:
6 /boot (ext2), 100M
7 /swap, 2G
8 / (ext4), 40G
10 then on LVM
12 /tmp (ext2), 5G? <- how big?
13 /var/tmp (ext2), 5G? <- how big?
14 /var/log (ext4) <- size? should I even have this separate?
15 /var (xfs), 750G
16 /snapshots (xfs), 10G? <- for lvm snapshots of /var for backups
18 I'm not using a separate /home because there are no system users beyond
19 my admin user (and the system user accounts)...
21 So - first, is 5G way too big for the two /tmp dirs? I have lots of
22 space, but hate waste
24 This mail server is not all that busy, and the backups only take about
25 an hour, so I guesstimate that there won't be more than about 100-300MB
26 of changes at the *extreme* outside of the envelope, so the 10G is most
27 likely extreme overkill... but I'll know soon enough, and besides, I've
28 got plenty of disk space to play with.
30 One question... I have some MySQL databases running on this system too,
31 for my userdbs, and on the new server, SOGo (groupware)...
33 Is it recommended to incorporate scripts to perform dumps of the dbs, or
34 is the lvm snapshot reliable enough for backing these up in their raw state?
36 Thanks as always for comments/suggestions/criticisms...


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