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From: Mark Knecht <markknecht@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] wlan0/ndiswrapper failing after gcc-4 upgrade (and dual Windows boot)
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 20:36:25
1 Hi,
2 I've been upgrading a couple of machines. Things are going fairly
3 well but there have been a few problems. This one I need to work out
4 first.
6 1) My son's machine was rebuilt with gcc-4 following the upgrade
7 guide. Everything went well and it finished up yesterday afternoon.
8 Since I use ndiswrapper on that machine I rebuilt the kernel with
9 gcc-4 and I rebooted with the new kernel and new drivers. Everything
10 worked great including wireless, MythTV frontend, Aqualung, etc.
12 2) This morning I cold booted and everything worked. I did an eix-sync
13 and had a couple of things to build so I did that. One of them was new
14 a udev package. Coldplug was removed from the machine.
16 3) I *think* I warm booted at this point and things still worked but
17 I'm not positive on that. However I then booted the machine into
18 Windows to check that it was still there for games, and then warm
19 booted back into Gentoo. At this point wireless was completely gone. I
20 tried cold booting but that didn't help so I don't think running
21 Windows made any real difference.
23 a) /etc/init.d/net.wlan0 stays it's stopped. If I try to start wlan0
24 I'm told it doesn't exist.
26 b) I have the link from net.wlan0 to net.lo.
28 c) I rebuilt ndiswrapper and it loads. ndiswrapper -l tells me that
29 the driver is loaded and the device is present.
31 d) All the basic stuff like route doesn't see the interface, as
32 expected I guess.
34 Where might I look for what's gone wrong?
36 As an aside, the Gentoo kernels remove support for stack size
37 changes so ndiswrapper complains about the kernel when it's emerged.
38 Is there a patch to get an 8K stack size option back again? Why does
39 anyone remove this in the first place instead of just setting it to a
40 sane default?
42 Sorry I Cannot send any info from the box but it's off the net.
44 Thanks in advance,
45 Mark
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