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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: Which SMART stats to watch (link)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 22:45:50
1 On 11/13/14 15:50, J. Roeleveld wrote:
2 >
3 > James,
4 >
5 > Backblaze is not selling harddrives. They sell storage on their servers.
6 > The data they collect is based on different drives from different manufacturers.
7 > They are quite open on what they use, check out their website and blogposts. You should
8 > find the answers to your questions easily there.
9 > Joost
11 Wow, an honorable vendor, that uses "scientific" standards so other can
12 readily collect similar data and verify their results. They even put
13 the scientific method ahead of quarterly profit statements. Impressive.
14 It's refreshing to know we still have vendors like this. One in a
15 million. I never suggested they did anything specific like sell HD.
17 There are a multitude or reasons to publish data that vendor A is better
18 than vendor B. Furthermore, if an organization at that
19 size/capitalization is not fully redundant, HA and cost effective, (1)
20 they wont be in business very long and (2) it really does not matter
21 because that sort of data only guides your next (corporate) bulk
22 purchase of hardware, because *price* of component redundant hardware
23 *always* trumps mtbf specs, imho.
25 The important thing is for others to be able to independently verify
26 their results. So the methods, tools and datasets should be readily
27 available as a first step. Then when IBM, Google and dozens of others,
28 including but not limited to universities, government labs (Los Alamos)
29 and private users all collect similar data and discern similar
30 conclusions, then you know the data is valid and the conclusions are
31 just. But by then each of the vendors will have new product offerings;
32 so once again, price drives the market and perceptions adjust the prices
33 moderately to none at all.
35 There are a myriad of factors that can affect these results. Independent
36 verification is the gold standard for data analysis, imho. Not just
37 "re-crunching numbers" from their datasets, but collecting your own
38 independent datasets for analysis. I must have missed those links on the
39 vendor's website? Enhancing the common, open source Network Management
40 Systems such as nagios or jffnms, where others can readily collect data
41 on drives themselves, and independently verify their conclusions is
42 paramount for their published conclusions to hold a "scientific" basis
43 of validity, imho. Otherwise, it's rather akin to "benchmarks", imho.
45 Useful ? :: yes ; interesting ? :: most definitely ;
46 conclusive ? :: not even close!
49 peace,
50 James