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From: Simon <turner25@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Binary package cruncher?
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 22:40:53
1 Hey there!
3 I've purchased a linode some time ago because my hardware is very (*very*)
4 old and it was taking very long to do updates. Now, what I've done is I've
5 setup my linode to be exactly the same as my host, portage-wise. And on the
6 linode, I have installed the sum of all packages that are installed on all my
7 PCs at home... this way, when doing a `emerge -uDN world` on the linode, all
8 packages are updated for all my machines (no fancy scripts to compile each
9 machine's pkg independantly, etc).
11 So, this is a binary package maker (or cruncher as it does it really well!).
12 However, one detail that is interesting is that to make sure all compilations
13 work fine, I decided to really install everything on the host, yes, including
14 stuff that requires a X server and so on (which I never use on the host).
16 This is fine with me except it's taking a lot of space to have all that
17 around... so, since my host is really fast, i thought it might not be a problem
18 for me to build dependencies in a sandbox, build the program, keep only the
19 binpkg and remove everything including the dependencies that "had to be
20 installed" for proper compilation.
22 Ideally, I would see my file /var/lib/portage/world to contain strictly the
23 software used on the host (ie. apache, mysql, etc...) and another file like
24 /var/lib/portage/binworld which would contain all that is in world plus all the
25 other packages that are in the worlds of my other PCs. Packages in binworld
26 would be compiled, as well as their dependancies. However, if a binpkg is
27 available for a dependancy, then this one is used instead. And this way, all
28 the "ghost" dependancies and "ghost" packages will all be compiled exactly as it
29 is now, with some overhead for decompressing the deps binpkg for each pkg
30 compilation.
32 This is not super efficient, but the way I've thought it, should be simple to
33 do... a simple gentoo hack so to speak. However, I'm wondering if anybody has
34 suggestion for better ways to do this and if you could give me pointers to such
35 projects. Also keep in mind that I really really want to update ALL my PCs with
36 a single `emerge -uDN world` on the host, then copy new pkgs (using rsync or
37 other) to the PCs and do an `emerge -k -uDN world` on them. Nothing more. (So
38 unless your suggestion is simpler than my current (fully installed) setup,
39 please tell me!)
41 Thanks in advance!
42 Simon


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