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From: Alec Ten Harmsel <alec@××××××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] [OT] Six non-Gentoo installs
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2014 00:17:48
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] [OT] Six non-Gentoo installs by Grant Edwards
1 On 10/14/2014 06:36 PM, Grant Edwards wrote:
2 > CentOS 7.0, however, was a mess.
3 > It took three attempts and almost an entire day of work.
4 I run it on my home server. It works pretty well for me.
5 > My first attempt was to use the "minimal" ISO image so that I would
6 > have the option of burning a CD if needed (I can't burn DVDs at the
7 > moment). That was a mistake. It was too minimal, and I couldn't get
8 > the network working to the point where I could configure repositories
9 > and install other stuff. Since the CentOS 7 ISO images all boot from
10 > USB flash drive anyway, staying under the 700MB CD size limit was moot
11 > anyway.
12 >
13 > Next I tried the net install ISO. I'm guessing I could have burned
14 > the DVD image to USB drive, but all I want is a minimal desktop
15 > system, so I figured why wait for a download of 3.5GB of stuff I don't
16 > care about.
17 >
18 > It still didn't recognize the NVidia Ethernet controller on my
19 > 5-year-old motherboard. After some cable swapping and futzing around,
20 > I got the netinstall going using the Realtek NIC.
21 >
22 > Maybe I just got unlucky and picked a slow mirror site, but once I got
23 > the install going, it ran for over 3 hours when installing a vanilla
24 > Gnome desktop system. Compare that with a 15 minute download time for
25 > a 700MB Xubuntu CD and then a 15 minute install.
26 >
27 > CentOS 7 refused to install the bootloader in a partition: your only
28 > choices are MBR or nothing. When I manually installed grub legacy it
29 > failed because I had stupidly allowed CentOS to use ext4, and the
30 > build of Grub I had laying around didn't grok ext4.
31 >
32 > So I re-do the whole net install again using ext3 instead.
33 >
34 > Now, after manually installing Grub legacy in the CentOS 7 partition,
35 > it boots up.
36 >
37 The main problem (imnho) is that you think CentOS cares about
38 configurability/multiple ways of doing things. They do not. They have
39 their packages and their way of doing things, following TUV so that the
40 distro is easily supportable. When installing, you just have to keep
41 clicking next like a robot.
42 > I'm more convinced than ever that Gentoo is the way to go for my
43 > "real" systems...
44 >
45 Definitely agree; any systems that I spend a substantial amount of time
46 using run Gentoo. Nothing else is equal. I mostly run it on my home
47 server because I want it to Just Work (tm) without any work on my part.
48 It also prevents me from playing around too much with USE and other
49 things, which is another bonus as I get more work done ;)
51 Alec


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