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From: Daevid Vincent <daevid@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] OT: Linux (Ubuntu) on a USB drive doesn't save
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 06:54:33
Message-Id: 021f01c79c3c$9bff9e60$450a0a0a@locutus
1 I have an ancient Gateway 200ARC sans notebook hard drive (amongst other
2 things). I don't have the stupid little ribbon cable so I can't install
3 one either. And "they" charge like $50 for one. The notebook was free,
4 and a 1GB USB stick is only $20. a 2GB is like $40.
6 I wanted to install Linux on it to use it as an always-on thin client
7 that can just monitor some webpages, and do a few other basic tasks.
9 I followed this guide:
11 ers/#more-117
13 And used Ubuntu 7.04. It worked great. I can boot and get online and all
14 sorts of things.
16 However, nothing "saves" !!!? As in nothing is persistent. I can create
17 the file and see it in the directory, edit it, and all that jazz. But
18 upon a reboot, it's gone!?
20 I created a .vimrc and rebooted and it's gone!
21 I "apt-get install" some apps and they're not there now.
22 I save my gnome settings. Revert back each time I reboot.
24 So what am I missing? Am I retarded and you can't use a 1GB USB stick as
25 a real hard drive like that?
27 --
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