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From: "Alan E. Davis" <lngndvs@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] random reboots
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 18:51:58
1 Thank you to members of this list who have gotten me through a couple
2 of serious issues. I have another one.
4 My system reboots at seemingly random times. Usually, this happens
5 during keyboard or mouse input. I have been using kernel 2.6.30-r2.
6 Often this happens when using firefox, but not exclusively.
8 When I checked my machine, it had an uptime of nearly 4 hours after
9 the last reboot, when I had not logged in. However, after logging in,
10 I experienced two reboots in rapid succession.
12 Interestingly, after I recompiled the kernel, enabling more modules of
13 I2C stuff, to enable hardware monitoring for my Motherboard, the
14 system has seemed to become less stable, and reboots readily.
16 I usually use nvidia non-freedom drivers. I am now typing with the
17 x11 drivers, and the system has not rebooted. I am now also using
18 2.6.29-r5.
20 Once such things happened to me because I had a file with a filename
21 starting with "_" in my filesystem. Everytime I started nautilus,
22 firefox, or epiphany, the system would crash. This was some long time
23 ago.
25 I have three SATA drives installed, with a plethora of partitions.
27 I am not sure where to look in logs to look for evidence of problems.
28 May I set up the system to trap for such useful information?
30 Alan Davis
32 "...can the human soul be glimpsed through a microscope? Maybe, but
33 you'd definitely need one of those very good ones with two eyepieces."
35 -- Woody Allen, quoted by B. A. Palevitz


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